Saturday, May 24, 2008

Why Caucus Fraud Must Be Publicized.

The stats cited in the USA Today Editoral Page Reader's Response clipping, (below) use wildly inaccurate caucus results to claim Barack Obama has a commanding lead.

For a more updated and thorough explanation of Caucus Fraud, here is another article within this blog. ACORN to be Barack Obama's Waterloo? It certainly helps explain how Barack Obama won so easily in the Caucus Contests Against Hillary Clinton.

Up above is an example of how Caucus Fraud statistics are used to try and pump up Barack Obama. The stats cited in this USA Today opinion page are basically a misrepresentation of the truth, a lie. Caucus contests use 88% LESS voters for each delegate selected than primary contests, this has resulted in a 2-1 margin of victory for Barack Obama even when Hillary Clinton was leading the polls in several caucus contests!

That's right, Hillary Clinton was either leading or tied in most of the caucus contest polling done just before the vote, yet Barack Obama ended up with a 2-1 delegate edge among all the caucus contests.


If the caucus votes had been a fair and accurate representation of the voters, Barack Obama would not have had an "11 state" winning streak. John Kerry and others use the fraudulent laden caucus results to talk about a winning streak whenever they appear on television news shows.

Caucus Fraud by the Barack Obama side has had a cascading effect in which the Barack Obama camp uses fraudulent caucus results to make outrageous and inaccurate claims about winning streaks. If caucus cheating by the Barack Obama side is not adequately publicized, Barack Obama will win.

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