Thursday, May 22, 2008

Minnesota Caucus Controversy.

Hillary Clinton actually polled 7 points ahead of Barack Obama a week or two before the Minnesota Caucus. The Caucus results finds Barack Obama with a 67% to 33% victory over Hillary Clinton.

How about a more reasonable tally, something like Barack with 52%, Hillary with 48%. Considering that Hillary was actually leading, a 52%-48% tally in Barack's favor seems pretty fair. Another margin of victory shift of 30% !

Which brings us to the real issue in regards to religion and Barack Obama. Barack Obama, knowing that you absconded with a much bigger victory total than you probably deserved, didn't your religious upbringing make you question if this was the right way to behave, to be?

Does waiting until the delegates from the Florida and Michigan race vote won't be able to affect the democratic races serve you and your religious upbringing? Has your religious upbringing, Barack Obama, taught you to win at any cost?

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