Friday, May 30, 2008

Arianna Huffington and Secret Billionaire Boyfriend George Soros Attack the Institution of Marital Relationships by Attacking Hillary Clinton.

If you found out that Arianna Huffington and George Soros were secret lovers and had entered into a deal to destroy Hillary Clinton's chances to become the President of the United States, would you for a moment consider it an attack on all married couples in the United States?

You should.

It is difficult enough to stay married through thick and thin. The idea that a divorcee and her billionaire lover would try and destroy a married couples reputation, is repugnant.

What can be more anti family and shrewish than having a private affair with a billionaire admirer, who in an effort to please her, actually assists in the destruction of a married political candidate?

Hillary Clinton has already survived her own marital glitches without divorcing. While it is easy to judge the Clintons as falling short in their marital relationship, the Clintons seem to have raised a very healthy and knock your socks off child to womanhood and have also shown a level of marital teamwork that surely most married couples would admire, and strive to emulate.

That's right, in their own unique way, the Clintons are role models in how to raise a child, and in husband and wife teamwork.

If you found out that all the Clintons had worked for in their entire life was now being destroyed by a divorced women and her billionaire admirer, shouldn't you pause for a moment and ask yourself, just who is the good person, and who is the shrew, in this scenario?

Who do you stand for?

Do you stand for the secret, self absorbed pseudo intellectual couple who show their lust for each other by attacking a married couples reputation, or do you stand for the Clintons and their ability to lead a country, already proven once in the 90's and no doubt ready for an encore.

YOU have to stand up and be counted because the heads of the democratic party have been bought off by Nerds with Money, a lot of money, and your future is in the balance if you don't stand up and be counted. No matter what the rest of the inattentive media tells you, YOU can say no, and not accept the junk you are being fed by a billionaire boob and the divorced women he appears to lust after.

(editors note - this article was written the end of May 2008, when it had become abundantly clear that Huffington Post had helped lead the movement to keep Hillary Clinton from the 2008 democratic nomination and had used their supposed news reports to slant the race in favor of Barack Obama, and we are all paying a huge price now for that lack of journalistic integrity.)


Anonymous said...

I stand by Hillary, because even though her husband cheated on her four different times (Jones, Lewinsky, Flowers, Wiley), she stuck with him because that's what strong women do!!

Hillary! 2008!!

Zac said...

Wow. Come on. It's very well known that the Clintons are the ultimate swinger couple. Multiple people of both sexes have spoken of the insane parties these two used to throw in the 90s. Monica Lewinsky wasn't a big deal to Hillary, she just had to pretend it was in order for the public to think their marriage was legitimate.

And you don't even provide sources or proof about this Huffington complaint.

Everything you're saying is just ridiculous.

A.M. said...

You completely missed the point of the topic. The Clintons raised a well adjusted child, the Clintons are working as a team right now.

These are two amazing qualities that any married couple would be pleased to possess. For that reason it makes the attacks by a divorced, perhaps secretly "bitter" woman intent on destroying them all the more morose.