Friday, May 30, 2008

Pelosi, Dean, Reid, and Scott McCellan, ALL Involved in Not Standing Up when it Counted Most.

While MSNBC gushed over Scott McCellan and his book deal, the real news was on Fox Television and CNN involving Pastor Pfegler.

Pelosi, Dean, and Reid must know by now how offensive some Barack Obama supporters (of all colors) are to mainstream democrat values, yet they have chosen to do nothing, presumeably so they can keep their jobs.

Does that sound familiar? Will you buy the books Pelosi, Dean, and Reid will write after they are swept out of power and begin singing the same song that Scott McCellan has just sung in his book?

Too many Obama supporters think like the person below...
This Barack Obama supporter actually blames Hillary Clinton and calls her "Sleazy" after Clinton has just been racially roasted by Pastor Micheal Pflegler to a standing ovation from the congregation, can it get any more demonic than that?
Pelosi, Dean and Reid are accommodating a coup against Hillary Clinton that they are too afraid to stand up to.

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