Thursday, May 22, 2008

2008 Alaska Caucus, quotes and comments from people who were there.

I know very little about the Alaska Caucus. Apparently Barack Obama originally won over 69% of the delegates. Anybody know what the actual popularity of both Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama actually is in Alaska? Lol, 405 votes apparently decided 13 delegates. Is that possible? More importantly, is that an accurate way to allocate the delegates?


I'm adding to this topic on August 13, 2008.

Here are a couple of quotes that I think some up caucusing very well...

So this is what democracy looks like? I don't know where that picture was taken but I sure didn't see any rally of any kind tonight while I was there. I stood in a line for 45 minutes listening or trying to listen to people scramble around not knowing what to do. When I finally did get herded to a classroom I handed the guy my blue card and wrote down on a yellow note pad who I wanted to vote for. I could have written the name 20 times if I wanted. I never really felt any part of anything other than confused. A big disappoitment for me, maybe I was just expecting too much. Oh well I wanted John Edwards anyway.


and this comment...

February 5, 2008 - 11:34pm | DEM53
I understand that they were overwhelmed but that wasn't really my frustration. I was just expecting more from the whole process. The group as a whole should have been addressed and unified as Democrats. There were over five thousand Democrats gathered tonight and all the evening was spent separating us and not unifying us. There were many senior citizens that were lost in the shuffle and couldn't hear the directions that were being given. Maybe I was expecting too much.


Fun Times...
I was there:
masses of Alaskans registering as Democrats for the first time, just wanting to be part of the movement... people of all kinds crowding in to have their vote counted...excitment...confusion..lots of laughter and smiles as we all went along with a weird but invigorating process of voting with our bodies...losing my family in the crowd...regaining my hope for America.

Heard at the caucus:
"go to your room", "be patient", "if you don't know where to go...find the map", "stand up" ,"sit down", "raise your hand", "when I touch your hand, put it down", "If you didn't get a blue card, use a yellow one", "move over here, line up and put your hand on the person front of you", "wait 5 minutes and we'll count you again", "now try to get people to come join your group", "If you don't have 15 percent you have to go home" ...whatever works I guess...

and my favorite from a forlorn lady with a clipboard as we were leaving -"Uh, anyone wanna be a delegate?"

fun times...


"Wait five minutes and we'll count you again???? Senior Citizens lost in the shuffle.... I could have written the name 20 times if I had wanted.....

and perhaps the one that explains it best.... "There were over five thousand Democrats gathered tonight and all the evening was spent separating us and not unifying us".


Me again, this is not my party, this is not the democratic party that I know and am a part of. I blame George Soros for all of the problems. When a billionaire's only goal is to see that Barack Obama wins, we get a fixed election and people treated like their vote doesn't count.

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