Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Conspiracy Theory, Why Hillary Clinton works best as Secretary of State for Barack Obama, but not necessarily for Hillary Clinton.

What if over the next three years the Republicans come to appreciate Hillary Clinton in Congress, A LOT. What if over the next three years, Hillary Clinton, as a congress person, is able to co-mingle both Democratic and Republican interests to balance out bills that otherwise would have an entirely democratic point of view?

What if Hillary Clinton's new found popularity is able to withstand MSNBC's inevitable attacks against her by full on support by Fox Television, Republicans, and Hillary Clinton supporters?

Is Barack Obama just trying to avoid a possible resurgence by Hillary Clinton three years from now in which Hillary Clinton Supporters and the Republicans join forces in the next presidential campaign? Since Republicans appear to have barely enough of a coalition to perhaps stop a democratic legislative steam rollering in congress for the next two years, and since both Clintons are very capable with dealing with both sides of the political landscape, could Barack Obama simply be preventing a strange coalition from forming over the next three years?

I'm not convinced that the top top layers of the Barack Obama regime are actually talented and ethical enough to win on a level playing field, a move like offering Hillary Clinton the secretary of state position could just be a way to keep their main competition out of the way.


Can Bill Clinton serve in place of Hillary Clinton in congress while Hillary serves as Secretary of State? Then if Hillary Clinton doesn't work out as secretary of state, Bill could step aside and Hillary could be voted in?

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Howard Dean's 50 State Approach, Lauded as Genius, or was it Money Laundering at it's worst?

Howard Dean's 50 state approach is being lauded as a key to sweeping Democratic wins. The 50 state strategy also enabled the Barack Obama camp to money launder over 200 million dollars in undocumented campaign contributions.

The dilution of over 200 million dollars in undocumented campaign contributions in 20 or 25 additional red states that democrats may normally not spend in helped reduce the obscene ratios of money that the democrats did spend elsewhere.

The media has intentionally, or unintentionally, spun the tale that the democrats adopted a brilliant 50 state strategy this year, when it is just as reasonable to presume that Barack Obama actually had limited appeal, and no matter how much more Barack Obama spent in standard democratic states, his popularity would not rise any higher.

The exact same thing happened when Barack Obama competed against Hillary Clinton in the primary states. No matter how much money Barack Obama outspent Hillary Clinton, he could not get over the 45% threshold in several key swing states.

In the general election, the democrats were forced to spend their ill gotten funds somewhere, and it made sense to dilute it in places they would normally not spend the money to keep the spending ratios lower in states where they were already oversaturated with political ads.

Yes, Barack Obama used an obscene amount of money. a sizeable portion from unknown sources, to win by an average amount, that is the real story of this year's election.

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

To Congratulate Barack Obama Supporters is to Patronize them. I am Embarrassed for my Country Tonight for Condoning Cheating in this years Election.

I feel we have insulted all African Americans by enabling the first African American president to win by first cheating in the caucus contests during the democratic nomination race, and then compounding this error by allowing Barack Obama to spend 3 times what his presidental competition spent, and doing it with well over 200 million dollars in undocumented money.

To congratulate Barack Obama supporters is to patronize them, I am embarrassed for my country tonight.

Monday, November 3, 2008

Does Family Matter? I still can't understand how Barack Obama seemed to ignore his own family roots.

I wanted to get a sense of how Barack Obama balanced keeping in contact with his mother, and his extended family, with his political career. John McCain's mother is actually on the campaign trail with him. At the very least, I wanted to know how Barack Obama treated his mother during the final year of her life. Did he ignore her and instead go write a book in Bali, about his father?

Did Barack Obama spend that time in Illinois, schoomzing with Foundations and getting on their boards?

For what purpose? Why be on the board of a foundation if it means you do that instead of help your dying mother? For those of you who think this is private, I would agree it WAS PRIVATE, until Barack Obama made a campaign commercial about how his mother died battling the insurance companies. and then mentioned it in the second debate. Did Barack Obama profit from his mother's misery while not even being there for her?

Shame on the media for not letting us know the truth. Once a politician chooses to profit from personal family details, those details should be investigated. This is just one more way the media has been a joke this year. Meanwhile, John McCain's mom has been an active participant in this year's presidential race even as an hour doesn't go by in which John McCain's health is not questioned. Ask Keith Olbermann if Hillary Clinton should get out of the race for staying in it just in case...

So it's ok to bring it up about John McCain, but not Barack Obama?

Apparently there are impoverished extended family members of Barack Obama hovering about in the United States as well. It looks to me like Barack Obama has chosen his career over his extended family, even as we see the Clinton family and the McCain family work as a team during the election process.