Tuesday, January 19, 2010


More proof of the Ridiculousness of Caucuses can be found by clicking here. In the state of Washington, Hillary Clinton lost the Washington caucus by more than a stunning 2-1 margin. And yet, 10 days later there would be a mail in primary vote and in that 2008 Washington Primary contest, Hillary Clinton gained so much ground it had to raise eyebrows.

Hillary Clinton only lost the 2008 unofficial Washington primary vote by a 51-46 margin after losing the Washington Caucus by an astounding 35 points!
The dramatic gain in primary vote totals by Hillary Clinton happened IN ALL FOUR 2008 DEMOCRATIC CAUCUS CONTESTS that also held primaries.

Sunday, January 17, 2010

The Barack Obama Caucus Recruitment Flyers and the promise to not do what is on the Recruitment Flyers.

Did you know all the campaigns promised to not bring in Caucus volunteers from outside of Iowa? You can see the letter where all the different campaigns agree to not bring in outsiders by clicking here.


Apparently, you can vote in the caucuses as long as you attend a college in that same state. The weird thing is, I believe you can also vote in your own home state as well. Two votes per person? Sure, as long as you are a student, you get to vote twice.

And if you're older, or work nights, don't like to go out at night, have to watch your kids, you know, the typical Hillary Clinton Voter, you can stay home, apparently the democratic party does not care about your vote.

Friday, January 15, 2010

Amazing quote from The Burning Platform, "Everyone knows Obama bussed in thousands from out of Iowa to win that, that's old news."

"Everyone knows Obama bussed in thousands from out of Iowa to win that, that's old news." - Mike in AZ.

Gosh, I didn't know it was old news.

Link to the quote by Mike in AZ. To find the quote you'll need to click on the replies to my first response in the thread, (Alessandro Machi) The rest of quote is pretty inane, just another male boldly bashing a female politician to feel better about their own masculinity. But it is interesting how this person, who is not a Hillary Clinton fan, still believes Barack Obama cheated in the Iowa Caucuses.

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Did Barack Obama supporters cross over from Illinois into Iowa during the 2008 democratic primary?

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The Map above shows the Blue districts that were Barack Obama's 2008 Iowa Caucus victories. The heaviest concentration of Iowa district victories border Illinois and Wisconsin. I am not implying Barack Obama did not have support, he obviously did. But the right side of the map, right next to Illinois, is basically all Barack Obama.

The math is interesting. It would literally take only 6 or 7 caucus district reversals to give Hillary Clinton an Iowa win and Barack Obama a loss. Clearly, Illinois could have easily influenced 10 to 12 caucus districts.

The combination of Barack Obama and John Edwards combining forces, Illinois on the border, Barack Obama's verbal bashing of Hillary Clinton for remaining on the ballot in Michigan as being a threat to Iowa and New Hampshire always being the first two presidential contests, and it really makes Hillary Clinton's very close third place finish all the more remarkable, and Barack Obama's Iowa victory less so.

However, at the time of the victory, all that was reported was that Barack Obama had won and that if Hillary Clinton lost in New Hampshire she should give up. Thanks media, thanks for doing a bang up job of reporting the excitement you felt over the favored, experienced candidate losing so early on without any additional vetting of the situation.

Caucuses use 88% less voters than primaries to select each delegate, making any cross over votes from Illinois into Iowa of having the power of 10 votes. Iowa is known for taking very seriously their role in the presidential election process since they go first, so would it have been possible to "infiltrate" the Iowa voting process from Illinois? That I do not know, its just that the heavily concentrated victories along the Illinois border sure makes one wonder.