Saturday, May 31, 2008

Billionaire Boob & Sidekick HuffPuppy (aka George Soros & Arianna Huffington) are about to Demolish the Democratic Party & Hillary Clinton.

Billionaire Boob, pseudo intellectual George Soros and sidekick Arianna Huffington close in on their cartoonish plot to take over the Democratic Party and install a not ready for prime time candidate, Barack Obama. As more and more toxic and shocking video emerges from Barack Obama's church denigrating white people for spawning from prior generations of white people, the democratic party marches on in its quest to nominate a man who professes to a religious upbringing, but cheated in the Caucus State Elections and now denys the vote of millions of voters in Michigan and Florida.

Can the democrats be trusted to run the Senate and House after this falls election when they let themselves be bought so easily by a billionaire boob and his side kick Arianna? Meanwhile a popular vote democratic majority sit by in amazement as they witness how complicent the democratic puppet leadership has become at the hands of Billionaire Boob and his Sidekick HuffPuppy.


muzzy said...

Your post has no evidence, just unfounded allegations. I have heard evidence of this since Iowa, but am looking for evidence. If none exists then maybe the press is right to ignore these accusations.

Alessandro Machi said...

I posted visuals to their association dating back at over 3 years in another article on this blog.

Platonic said...

It is absolutely amazing how uninformed misguided twisted rantings can be laughly passed off as some kind of fact.

Go ahead and break out the Nazi emblems and shave your would have more "cred" to display to your sheep-like audience and at least have balls enough to fly your true colors.

Isn't there a UFO to go get abducted by?

MYRA said...

The caucus process is unfair and undemocratic. So many people cannot attend in person for so many hours. The people who are not able to make their choice known in a caucus include the thousands of workers who can't leave their jobs for hours at a time, parents with young children, the disabled, and the frail elderly. Primary voting, as in New York, in which the polls are open all day and people can vote before or after work, and which also allows voting by absentee ballot, is the only fair way. Caucus voting must be eliminated. Caucus voting is unfair and must end.

Alessandro Machi said...

Who's the dum dum now? After Saturday Night live recently aired their CSPAN Spoof exposing George Soros, SEVERAL MONTHS AFTER THIS ARTICLE, how do you plead, stupid by reason of drinking the Obama kool aid?

Alessandro Machi said...

and yet, Saturday Night Live devoted the OPENING of their show to a George Soros spoof/reality tv segment basically making the same accusations that I have made.
Wall Street Change George Soros Saturday Night Live Transcript