Tuesday, May 10, 2016

The definitive source for Caucus vs Primary inconsistencies from the 2008 democrat race.

Check out Caucus Cheating articles on this blog to better understand how Bernie Sanders has gotten a Yuuuugge boost from the 2016 caucus contests. When more people vote, it means its a primary, and Hillary Clinton usually wins.

Saturday, December 25, 2010

Nebraska 2008 democratic caucus went 100% Barack Obama, should we be surprised?

I found this interesting internet discussion featuring Nebraska voters and their caucus delegates here. It is important to note that Hillary Clinton made HUGE STRIDES from the caucus result in Nebraska to the Nebraska primary vote that was held later on.

The Clinton voters could not believe that all of the Nebraska delegates voted to align with Barack Obama even before the primary vote and some delegates aligned with Barack Obama even before the caucus vote held in early February, 2008.

If Illinois had not moved its primary date by SEVEN WEEKS from the end of March, 2008 to the beginning of February, 2008, the close to a dozen caucuses held shortly after the Illinois vote (which gave Obama a huge delegate push) would have not been able to use the excuse that Barack Obama was leading to vote for him. Factor in that Michigan was not counted at all, and Barack Obama definitely would have been trailing going into the caucus contests.

It is my opinion that Barack Obama's side funneled promises or money to the Great Plains Indians tribes in various states in exchange for their caucus votes. While some may view this as a shrewd move, it may not have been an ethical one as Politicians cannot directly promise government funds in exchange for their votes. Barack Obama has doled out huge lawsuit based awards to both Indian Tribes and African American farmers.

To Barack Obama's credit, he did visit Nebraska once whereas Hillary Clinton did not.

Saturday, October 9, 2010

Young Turks Analysis of the 2008 democratic race IGNORED Caucus and Primary Irregularities that favored Barack Obama over Hillary Clinton.

As the list below of Barack Obama 2008 primary and caucus victories below shows, Barack Obama's top 11 biggest percentage wins were all caucus contests, and none from primary states. Polling that was done just before virtually all of the 2008 democratic caucus contests showed Hillary Clinton either leading or tied with Barack Obama in those contests. For Hillary Clinton to then lose the caucus delegates by a 2-1 margin suggests some level of fraud or vote misrepresentation.

The Young Turks youtube video "Why is Obama Winning So Many States" claims Barack Obama's 2008 early February delegate lead resulted from Barack Obama spending campaign money in all fifty states.

What the Young Turks fail to mention is that Illinois MOVED UP their primary date from the end of March 2008 to the beginning of February, 2008! The 54 delegate Illinois margin of victory for Barack Obama ended up being the difference maker as it helped Barack Obama to an unanticipated early delegate lead. This one action alone also helped motivate Barack Obama's field troops in the caucus contests that immediately followed, and to also raise money.

The Young Turks made no mention of Barack Obama suspending the Michigan vote. The hypocrisy of Barack Obama suspending one state that was economically desperate (Michigan) and wanted to be counted in the 2008 democratic race by moving their primary date up, while welcoming his own state (Illinois) moving up their own primary vote by 7 weeks is hypocrisy at best, political back room dealing at worst, and the very type of "change" Barack Obama claimed to oppose. lol, and Michael Moore (who is from Michigan) said NOTHING about this!

The states that moved up their dates that supported Hillary Clinton, Michigan and Florida, had their delegate votes suspended and diluted. Two states that supported Barack Obama included Illinois which did move up their date by seven weeks, and North Carolina, which wanted to move up their primary date but instead received BONUS DELEGATES of either 14 or 28 FOR NOT moving up their primary date.
So in these four instances among primary states, Hillary Clinton leaning states were sanctioned for moving up their primary dates, Barack Obama states WERE REWARDED.
As far as I know, none of the "in the tank for Barack Obama" media reported on either Illinois moving up their date, or North Carolina (a Barack Obama state) getting the bonus delegates, and that made Hillary Clinton fighting for Michigan and Florida look less reasonable than it actually was.

Sunday, August 1, 2010

Fox and Friends to cover the Documentary "We Will Not Be Silenced" Sunday, August 1, 8am, 2010.

Fox is doing what a third news channel should be doing, messaging the Hillary Clinton voters from 2008. In the meantime, in less than one hour, Fox and Friends will be talking about the documentary "We Will Not Be Silenced", which covers the caucus cheating from the 2008 democratic race that overwhelmingly favored Barack Obama. You can learn more at Hillbuzz or you can see a preview of the documentary here.

I am curious why Fox is desperate to have Hillary Clinton run again in 2012. Is it because they think she could be defeated by a republican candidate more easily than Barack Obama, or because they genuinely think her policies would be better for the country overall than Barack Obama's.

Tuesday, January 19, 2010


More proof of the Ridiculousness of Caucuses can be found by clicking here. In the state of Washington, Hillary Clinton lost the Washington caucus by more than a stunning 2-1 margin. And yet, 10 days later there would be a mail in primary vote and in that 2008 Washington Primary contest, Hillary Clinton gained so much ground it had to raise eyebrows.

Hillary Clinton only lost the 2008 unofficial Washington primary vote by a 51-46 margin after losing the Washington Caucus by an astounding 35 points!
The dramatic gain in primary vote totals by Hillary Clinton happened IN ALL FOUR 2008 DEMOCRATIC CAUCUS CONTESTS that also held primaries.

Sunday, January 17, 2010

The Barack Obama Caucus Recruitment Flyers and the promise to not do what is on the Recruitment Flyers.

Did you know all the campaigns promised to not bring in Caucus volunteers from outside of Iowa? You can see the letter where all the different campaigns agree to not bring in outsiders by clicking here.


Apparently, you can vote in the caucuses as long as you attend a college in that same state. The weird thing is, I believe you can also vote in your own home state as well. Two votes per person? Sure, as long as you are a student, you get to vote twice.

And if you're older, or work nights, don't like to go out at night, have to watch your kids, you know, the typical Hillary Clinton Voter, you can stay home, apparently the democratic party does not care about your vote.

Friday, January 15, 2010

Amazing quote from The Burning Platform, "Everyone knows Obama bussed in thousands from out of Iowa to win that, that's old news."

"Everyone knows Obama bussed in thousands from out of Iowa to win that, that's old news." - Mike in AZ.

Gosh, I didn't know it was old news.

Link to the quote by Mike in AZ. To find the quote you'll need to click on the replies to my first response in the thread, (Alessandro Machi) The rest of quote is pretty inane, just another male boldly bashing a female politician to feel better about their own masculinity. But it is interesting how this person, who is not a Hillary Clinton fan, still believes Barack Obama cheated in the Iowa Caucuses.

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Did Barack Obama supporters cross over from Illinois into Iowa during the 2008 democratic primary?

Click on Image to Enlarge.

The Map above shows the Blue districts that were Barack Obama's 2008 Iowa Caucus victories. The heaviest concentration of Iowa district victories border Illinois and Wisconsin. I am not implying Barack Obama did not have support, he obviously did. But the right side of the map, right next to Illinois, is basically all Barack Obama.

The math is interesting. It would literally take only 6 or 7 caucus district reversals to give Hillary Clinton an Iowa win and Barack Obama a loss. Clearly, Illinois could have easily influenced 10 to 12 caucus districts.

The combination of Barack Obama and John Edwards combining forces, Illinois on the border, Barack Obama's verbal bashing of Hillary Clinton for remaining on the ballot in Michigan as being a threat to Iowa and New Hampshire always being the first two presidential contests, and it really makes Hillary Clinton's very close third place finish all the more remarkable, and Barack Obama's Iowa victory less so.

However, at the time of the victory, all that was reported was that Barack Obama had won and that if Hillary Clinton lost in New Hampshire she should give up. Thanks media, thanks for doing a bang up job of reporting the excitement you felt over the favored, experienced candidate losing so early on without any additional vetting of the situation.

Caucuses use 88% less voters than primaries to select each delegate, making any cross over votes from Illinois into Iowa of having the power of 10 votes. Iowa is known for taking very seriously their role in the presidential election process since they go first, so would it have been possible to "infiltrate" the Iowa voting process from Illinois? That I do not know, its just that the heavily concentrated victories along the Illinois border sure makes one wonder.

Thursday, October 1, 2009


Is it better for Barack Obama to admit he knowingly cheated in the 2008 presidential campaign than wait for the feds to someday arrest him? Isn't the best way to save his political career to be ahead of the inevitable news that he cheated to wrest the nomination away from Hillary Clinton?

Saturday, January 17, 2009

Obama T-Shirts Made in China? What other Obama memorabilia is made in China, any of it made in the USA?

Would be nice to get a tally of what stuff is made in China, and what stuff is made in the USA amongst all the "stuff" that will be on display at the Obama Inauguration Bash. Just when do we start "stimulating" the American economy by using american products made by americans? I sure hope those commemorative coins were made in america.

Sunday, December 14, 2008

What Tom Roeser Said in Oct. of 2005 about the Chicago Power Struggle between Daley and African American Politicians such as Barack Obama.

I'm not saying I agree with his words, But the date on this article, if true, and I assume it is, was written over 3 years ago. Click on Image to see it larger.
Click on Image to see it larger.

Here is the link to the actual page, Tom Roeser Article You have to scan down the page a bit to find it.

Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Whew, that was close, Chicago politician Rod Blagovejich's corruptness has nothing to do with our favorite son, snark snark, nor the 2008 campaign.

Kings used to be called "your highness". Perhaps we can now call our own politicians "Your Corruptness" when they behave in the manner that Illinois governor Rod Blagovejich has allegedly behaved. Blagovejich apparently tried to sell Barack Obama's congressional seat to the highest bidder, even trying to drive the price up by saying he would take the position himself if he didn't get a high enough offer.

It might be safe to presume that Mr. Blagovejich has engaged in other activities before this one that are equally questionable. Was Mr. Blagojevich completely insulated from Barack Obama's campaign for the 2008 democratic nomination? Will Mr. Blagovejich ask for leniency if he spills the beans in other ways? Wow.

Will a mysterious call come into Mr. Blagojevich that if he spills the beans, his family will be endangered? If Mr. Blagovejich is in custody of the FBI, does that mean he cannot yet be threatened by any outside sources specifically so he does talk? Might Mr. Blagojevich be willing to share other tales of corrupt behavior if he is shown some leniency over the initial charge?

All of that money that Barack Obama raised, and none of it went to the Illinois Governor??? If Barack Obama's camp was approached by the governor, and they rebuffed ALL overtures, then that might be a test that Barack Obama actually has integrity and will make a good president. However, if the FBI attempts to protect the president elect by pretending there can be no connection even if some exist, they weaken the country and our constitution.

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Conspiracy Theory, Why Hillary Clinton works best as Secretary of State for Barack Obama, but not necessarily for Hillary Clinton.

What if over the next three years the Republicans come to appreciate Hillary Clinton in Congress, A LOT. What if over the next three years, Hillary Clinton, as a congress person, is able to co-mingle both Democratic and Republican interests to balance out bills that otherwise would have an entirely democratic point of view?

What if Hillary Clinton's new found popularity is able to withstand MSNBC's inevitable attacks against her by full on support by Fox Television, Republicans, and Hillary Clinton supporters?

Is Barack Obama just trying to avoid a possible resurgence by Hillary Clinton three years from now in which Hillary Clinton Supporters and the Republicans join forces in the next presidential campaign? Since Republicans appear to have barely enough of a coalition to perhaps stop a democratic legislative steam rollering in congress for the next two years, and since both Clintons are very capable with dealing with both sides of the political landscape, could Barack Obama simply be preventing a strange coalition from forming over the next three years?

I'm not convinced that the top top layers of the Barack Obama regime are actually talented and ethical enough to win on a level playing field, a move like offering Hillary Clinton the secretary of state position could just be a way to keep their main competition out of the way.


Can Bill Clinton serve in place of Hillary Clinton in congress while Hillary serves as Secretary of State? Then if Hillary Clinton doesn't work out as secretary of state, Bill could step aside and Hillary could be voted in?

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Howard Dean's 50 State Approach, Lauded as Genius, or was it Money Laundering at it's worst?

Howard Dean's 50 state approach is being lauded as a key to sweeping Democratic wins. The 50 state strategy also enabled the Barack Obama camp to money launder over 200 million dollars in undocumented campaign contributions.

The dilution of over 200 million dollars in undocumented campaign contributions in 20 or 25 additional red states that democrats may normally not spend in helped reduce the obscene ratios of money that the democrats did spend elsewhere.

The media has intentionally, or unintentionally, spun the tale that the democrats adopted a brilliant 50 state strategy this year, when it is just as reasonable to presume that Barack Obama actually had limited appeal, and no matter how much more Barack Obama spent in standard democratic states, his popularity would not rise any higher.

The exact same thing happened when Barack Obama competed against Hillary Clinton in the primary states. No matter how much money Barack Obama outspent Hillary Clinton, he could not get over the 45% threshold in several key swing states.

In the general election, the democrats were forced to spend their ill gotten funds somewhere, and it made sense to dilute it in places they would normally not spend the money to keep the spending ratios lower in states where they were already oversaturated with political ads.

Yes, Barack Obama used an obscene amount of money. a sizeable portion from unknown sources, to win by an average amount, that is the real story of this year's election.