Thursday, May 22, 2008

Colorado Caucus

Colorado is an interesting state. I have not been to Colorado but it strikes me as a soccer mom and rugged dad kind of state. I have read Coloradians are very self reliant and every day have to deal with snowy conditions that can even cause occasional power outages in the dead of winter. I always thought that Colorado would vote for a democrat but apparently have gone republican more often in the past several presidential elections.

In Colorado, Barack Obama once again received 67% of the caucus vote, Hillary Clinton 33%. Is that really accurate? Are we really to believe that if Colorado had held a primary that the vote would have been so one-sided? How about Barack Obama wins 54-44% ? That would represent a shift of 26% in the vote in favor of Hillary Clinton. That is a huge amount of delegates that went to Barack Obama, and did not go to Hillary Clinton.

Any caucuses stories to relay about Caucusing in Colorado?

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