Thursday, May 22, 2008

Kansas Caucus Controversy

I know Barack Obama has roots in Kansas, and therefore he probably would win whether there was a primary or a caucus, but, is a 74% to 26% vote an accurate accounting of the votes in Kansas? I don't know the political climate in Kansas, but if we assume that Barack is the hometown favorite, wouldn't a 60%-40% split be more reasonable, more accurate of the voters of Kansas?

The net affect again is a 28% swing in the vote total and a similar number in the delegates of Kansas.


Anonymous said...

How could Obama be the favorite son after throwing his grand-mother under the bus? You know the "typical white woman" I don't believe his grandparents raised him in Kansa, I think he was in Hawaii until he went to Columbia.

A.M. said...

Barack Obama, he's everywhere you want him to be!