Saturday, May 31, 2008

Billionaire Boob & Sidekick HuffPuppy (aka George Soros & Arianna Huffington) are about to Demolish the Democratic Party & Hillary Clinton.

Billionaire Boob, pseudo intellectual George Soros and sidekick Arianna Huffington close in on their cartoonish plot to take over the Democratic Party and install a not ready for prime time candidate, Barack Obama. As more and more toxic and shocking video emerges from Barack Obama's church denigrating white people for spawning from prior generations of white people, the democratic party marches on in its quest to nominate a man who professes to a religious upbringing, but cheated in the Caucus State Elections and now denys the vote of millions of voters in Michigan and Florida.

Can the democrats be trusted to run the Senate and House after this falls election when they let themselves be bought so easily by a billionaire boob and his side kick Arianna? Meanwhile a popular vote democratic majority sit by in amazement as they witness how complicent the democratic puppet leadership has become at the hands of Billionaire Boob and his Sidekick HuffPuppy.

Friday, May 30, 2008

Arianna Huffington and Secret Billionaire Boyfriend George Soros Attack the Institution of Marital Relationships by Attacking Hillary Clinton.

If you found out that Arianna Huffington and George Soros were secret lovers and had entered into a deal to destroy Hillary Clinton's chances to become the President of the United States, would you for a moment consider it an attack on all married couples in the United States?

You should.

It is difficult enough to stay married through thick and thin. The idea that a divorcee and her billionaire lover would try and destroy a married couples reputation, is repugnant.

What can be more anti family and shrewish than having a private affair with a billionaire admirer, who in an effort to please her, actually assists in the destruction of a married political candidate?

Hillary Clinton has already survived her own marital glitches without divorcing. While it is easy to judge the Clintons as falling short in their marital relationship, the Clintons seem to have raised a very healthy and knock your socks off child to womanhood and have also shown a level of marital teamwork that surely most married couples would admire, and strive to emulate.

That's right, in their own unique way, the Clintons are role models in how to raise a child, and in husband and wife teamwork.

If you found out that all the Clintons had worked for in their entire life was now being destroyed by a divorced women and her billionaire admirer, shouldn't you pause for a moment and ask yourself, just who is the good person, and who is the shrew, in this scenario?

Who do you stand for?

Do you stand for the secret, self absorbed pseudo intellectual couple who show their lust for each other by attacking a married couples reputation, or do you stand for the Clintons and their ability to lead a country, already proven once in the 90's and no doubt ready for an encore.

YOU have to stand up and be counted because the heads of the democratic party have been bought off by Nerds with Money, a lot of money, and your future is in the balance if you don't stand up and be counted. No matter what the rest of the inattentive media tells you, YOU can say no, and not accept the junk you are being fed by a billionaire boob and the divorced women he appears to lust after.

(editors note - this article was written the end of May 2008, when it had become abundantly clear that Huffington Post had helped lead the movement to keep Hillary Clinton from the 2008 democratic nomination and had used their supposed news reports to slant the race in favor of Barack Obama, and we are all paying a huge price now for that lack of journalistic integrity.)

This is why Hillary Clinton is Behind; Arianna Huffington, George Soros Connection Exposed in their own Trading Places Movie Sequel.

In the movie Trading Places. Eddie Murphy and Dan Aykroyd discover that two rich brothers have made a one dollar bet over their futures. I won't get into the subplot of Eddie Murphy being black and Dan Aykroyd being white as that is not point of this article.

The point is that George Soros and Arianna Huffington have some kind of alliance that wants to see Barack Obama win, at all costs to the democratic party. Barack Obama is actually a pretty good fellow on many levels.

I kind of see Barack Obama as a flim flam man underneath the hood, but I also see him as an intelligent man who can communicate with people. Barack also seems to be able to make a fine first impression, sort of like George Bush.
However, the truth is, and always will be, that Barack Obama's side cheated in the caucus states. Add to that the never ending attacks on the Clintons by too too many people in the media. Eventually, Fox NEWS started defending Hillary Clinton!

When one considers how popular the Clintons remain with the public we have to call this years democratic election a political coup spearheaded by George Soros on the East Coast, and Arianna Huffington on the West Coast.

A candidate like Hillary Clinton that can retain 50% of the popular vote while being attacked by so many entities IS THE STRONGER CANDIDATE. Now all that is left to do is find who out who George Soros made his One Dollar Bet with. Where is Rupert Murdoch when we need him?

How many Hi Profile Celebrity Pigs have lapped up the George Soros trough, Arianna?

Pelosi, Dean, Reid, and Scott McCellan, ALL Involved in Not Standing Up when it Counted Most.

While MSNBC gushed over Scott McCellan and his book deal, the real news was on Fox Television and CNN involving Pastor Pfegler.

Pelosi, Dean, and Reid must know by now how offensive some Barack Obama supporters (of all colors) are to mainstream democrat values, yet they have chosen to do nothing, presumeably so they can keep their jobs.

Does that sound familiar? Will you buy the books Pelosi, Dean, and Reid will write after they are swept out of power and begin singing the same song that Scott McCellan has just sung in his book?

Too many Obama supporters think like the person below...
This Barack Obama supporter actually blames Hillary Clinton and calls her "Sleazy" after Clinton has just been racially roasted by Pastor Micheal Pflegler to a standing ovation from the congregation, can it get any more demonic than that?
Pelosi, Dean and Reid are accommodating a coup against Hillary Clinton that they are too afraid to stand up to.

Additional Caucus State Cheating Articles Later Today.

Please check back for the latest in Caucus Cheating.

Thursday, May 29, 2008

CNN Barack Obama Documentary Special Thursday, May 29th, Tonight, on Anderson Cooper 360!

Update to this topic... For a really terrific article on Barack Obama's past campaign shenanigans, check out Barack Obama's election history hoisted by his own petard.

You can also check out the documentary video We Will Not Be Silenced. Preview portions of the video at We Will Not Be Silenced Preview Video

When Anderson Cooper didn't bother to mention the Barack Obama segment at the beginning of his own show, I figured the Barack Obama expose wasn't that big of a deal.

While Anderson Cooper didn't appear very impressed with his own television staffs work on the piece, it does set up the possibility for an update. Should the caucus state cheating ever be investigated, it would make for an interesting follow up showing Barack Obama crossing a line that he dared tip toe up to when his senate career was just starting.

Above are stills from a promo on CNN for the Barack Obama Anderson Cooper 360 documentary about Barack's early political career which premieres tonight, Thursday, May 29, 2008 on CNN Anderson Cooper 360. CNN made the claim that the Barack Obama camp does not want this special to air.

We'll see.

Apparently the documentary will cover Barack's ability to take out his opponents such as Alice Palmer by using legal tactics, before they ever make it to the ballot. It looks to me like some things stay the same, now Barack has progressed to taking out opponents in caucus state voting, bending the law to the point of breaking, and perhaps beyond.


Additional Update, ACORN appears to be a mirror into Barack Obama's past. After Barack Obama had his political opponents removed for technical violations, we are supposed to believe that ACORN's violations are nothing to be concerned about, wow.

Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Caucus Voting vs Primary Voting, Hillary Clinton Closes the Gap by incredibly Large Margins in Idaho, Nebraska, Washington AND Texas.

Above is the possibly unreflective margin of victory for Barack Obama in the 2008 democratic daho Caucus. Below is the Result of the 2008 Idaho Primary. Please note how much closer the final results are?

The 2008 Democratic Idaho Primary vote reveals a much closer 56%-37% margin of victory from the ridiculously unrepresentative caucus vote margin of victory of 70%-17%.

Hillary Clinton enjoyed a 440% increase in her vote total from the caucus vote to the primary vote while Barack Obama only had a 140% increase from his caucus vote total to his primary vote total.

The Idaho Primary Vote swing is 43% in Hillary's favor.

Up Above is the 2008 Democratic Nebraska Caucus and Primary Results. After losing in the 2008 democratic Nebraska Caucus by a 68% to 32% margin of victory, Hillary Clinton once again closed the gap to lose by only two percentage points, 49% to 47% in the 2008 democratic Nebraska Primary. The Nebraska primary vote represents a 38% shift in the popularity of both candidates towards Hillary Clinton.

It is important to note that MSNBC ON AIR POLITICAL COMMENTATORS (INCLUDING OLBERMANN AND MATTHEWS) REFUSED TO DISCUSS the 2008 DEMOCRATIC NEBRASKA PRIMARY RESULTS whenever they were flashed on the screen during their coverage of the election that particular night. On at least two occasions the miniscule margin of victory GRAPHIIC appeared on the MSNBC screen and at one point, one of the commentators groused out loud to take that graphic off the screen without even ACKNOWLEDGING WHAT IT MEANT.

It is outrageous that MSNBC would show such a blatant disregard and attempt to cover up the reality of the huge shift in the vote total between the caucus results and the primary results for the 2008 democratic caucus and primary races.

The 2008 democratic Washington Caucus vs Primary contests offers an almost identical shift in numbers as the Nebraska primary. Hillary Clinton once again closed the gap from an unrealistic 68%-31% margin of victory in the 2008 democratic Washington Caucus to 51% to 46% in the 2008 democratic Washington Primary. The shift in the vote is 32% in favor of Hillary Clinton. (I recall the final numbers being 50%-47%, but we'll go with the 51%-46%).

There are another several more examples I still have to post involving the 2008 democratic caucus contests in Minnesota, Nevada, Texas, and Colorado. All of these states showed Hillary Clinton LEADING in the polls taken prior to the caucus votes, yet Hillary Clinton lost in the caucus votes by a 2-1 margin. Hillary Clinton actually won Texas by 4% in the popular vote aspect, but then lost the final caucus portion by a 2-1 margin.

The democratic party spit on the concept of "fair reflection" in the 2008 presidential election campaign and I'm truly embarrassed to call myself a democrat this year.

Mandate, Barack Obama has no Mandate, if he does have a Mandate, it's because he cheated in the caucus contests.


Update - Did ACORN have anything to do with this cheating?


Did you know that Illinois moved up its primary vote date form the end of March 2008 to the beginning of February 2008 yet Michigan and Florida were disqualified when they moved up their voting dates even though Michigan was especially desperate to move up because they NEEDED TO BE HEARD FROM by the presidential candidates, and Florida had no choice because it was a Republican congress.

Monday, May 26, 2008

My George Bush Memorial Day Joke...

What is the difference between a broken watch and George Bush?

A broken watch is correct twice a day, George Bush is correct twice a year, on Memorial Day and Veterans Day.

Sunday, May 25, 2008

The Republican Smoking Gun against Barack Obama, is it Caucus Cheating?

A Republican ad chronicling how Barack Obama cheated in the caucus state elections and then denied millions of americans in Florida and Michigan a chance to have their vote counted, two serious charges against a supposedly religious and ethical man, could be a deal breaker for millions of americans in this falls presidential election.

Just because the democrats are afraid of fracturing their own party by admitting that the Barack Obama camp acted unethically in the Caucus state elections, and arrogantly in the Florida and Michigan races, doesn't mean the Republicans won't bring it up. Rather than attack Barack Obama for the type of religion he may or may not practice, a far more effective plan is to just prove that Barack does not come close to living up to the tenets of ANY RELIGION!

The tag line for the Republican commercial would be, "Barack Obama and his tenets of change, 'It's ok to cheat as long as you don't get caught', is that good enough for you?"

From Sea to Shining Sea, Hillary Clinton Wins the Democratic Nomination.

Hillary Clinton has won states that span across the entire country from "Sea to Shining Sea". Correct me if I am wrong but NEVER has a democratic candidate's victories "touched state to state" all the way across the America, yet not been the democratic nominee. I say it's never happened before, and now is not the time to start.

Factor in that the state to state touching across america was achieved even as Hillary Clinton had to battle voter fraud in several caucus states AND the denial of Florida and Michigan as well. The writing is on the electoral college map, is anybody gonna stand up for the american people, and Hillary Clinton?

Saturday, May 24, 2008

Why Caucus Fraud Must Be Publicized.

The stats cited in the USA Today Editoral Page Reader's Response clipping, (below) use wildly inaccurate caucus results to claim Barack Obama has a commanding lead.

For a more updated and thorough explanation of Caucus Fraud, here is another article within this blog. ACORN to be Barack Obama's Waterloo? It certainly helps explain how Barack Obama won so easily in the Caucus Contests Against Hillary Clinton.

Up above is an example of how Caucus Fraud statistics are used to try and pump up Barack Obama. The stats cited in this USA Today opinion page are basically a misrepresentation of the truth, a lie. Caucus contests use 88% LESS voters for each delegate selected than primary contests, this has resulted in a 2-1 margin of victory for Barack Obama even when Hillary Clinton was leading the polls in several caucus contests!

That's right, Hillary Clinton was either leading or tied in most of the caucus contest polling done just before the vote, yet Barack Obama ended up with a 2-1 delegate edge among all the caucus contests.


If the caucus votes had been a fair and accurate representation of the voters, Barack Obama would not have had an "11 state" winning streak. John Kerry and others use the fraudulent laden caucus results to talk about a winning streak whenever they appear on television news shows.

Caucus Fraud by the Barack Obama side has had a cascading effect in which the Barack Obama camp uses fraudulent caucus results to make outrageous and inaccurate claims about winning streaks. If caucus cheating by the Barack Obama side is not adequately publicized, Barack Obama will win.

Don't forget to check out

There are close to a dozen caucus cheating articles on There are also quite a number of examples of media bias against Hillary Clinton that must be spotlighted and highlighted if Hillary Clinton is to have a chance to become the democratic nominee. If you find this website relevant, you may appreciate
just as much. Lots of great visual reminders at how low the United States media has sunk in their arrogantly maniacal mission to attack and ruin Hillary Clinton's run for the presidency.

Friday, May 23, 2008

Coming Soon, North Dakota, Louisiana, Nebraska, Washington, Virgin Islands, Maine, D.C Caucus Stories to come.

I am getting some interesting information from
about several different caucus state voting discrepancies.

Please check back in a day or so for newer articles. In the meantime, if you have anything to contribute to the stories below please do. Just post a comment in the comments section. If you use your real name I can add your story to the main article and give you a credit.

Thursday, May 22, 2008

Minnesota Caucus Controversy.

Hillary Clinton actually polled 7 points ahead of Barack Obama a week or two before the Minnesota Caucus. The Caucus results finds Barack Obama with a 67% to 33% victory over Hillary Clinton.

How about a more reasonable tally, something like Barack with 52%, Hillary with 48%. Considering that Hillary was actually leading, a 52%-48% tally in Barack's favor seems pretty fair. Another margin of victory shift of 30% !

Which brings us to the real issue in regards to religion and Barack Obama. Barack Obama, knowing that you absconded with a much bigger victory total than you probably deserved, didn't your religious upbringing make you question if this was the right way to behave, to be?

Does waiting until the delegates from the Florida and Michigan race vote won't be able to affect the democratic races serve you and your religious upbringing? Has your religious upbringing, Barack Obama, taught you to win at any cost?

Kansas Caucus Controversy

I know Barack Obama has roots in Kansas, and therefore he probably would win whether there was a primary or a caucus, but, is a 74% to 26% vote an accurate accounting of the votes in Kansas? I don't know the political climate in Kansas, but if we assume that Barack is the hometown favorite, wouldn't a 60%-40% split be more reasonable, more accurate of the voters of Kansas?

The net affect again is a 28% swing in the vote total and a similar number in the delegates of Kansas.

Idaho Caucus Controversy

I recall reading that The Barack Obama ground troops canvassed Idaho for 6 months or longer and the result was an 83% to 17% margin over Hillary Clinton. lol, if they had had a couple of more months they could have gotten 100% of the vote. That's fair and accurate, right? (sarcasm alert). How about Barack 60%, Hillary 40%? That is a 46% swing in the margin of victory, a stunning amount that Hillary had taken from her.

Do you have an Idaho caucus story or a poll that was done that shows the final result of 83% for Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton at 18% is just too huge of a margin to be fair and accurate? Please let this blog know and we can even add it to this article and give you credit if you use your first and last name.

Update to this article. Idaho, after their mind numbingly inaccurate democratic caucus contest, then held a primary. From an 83% to 17% margin of victory in the caucus contest for Barack Obama, the primary result was 57%-36% margin. While that is still a win for Barack Obama (dare I ask if Republicans crossed over and voted for Barack???), Hillary Clinton actually gained a HUGE amount, we're talking over a 110 % increase in voters for Hillary Clinton even as Barack Obama's vote percentage DROPPED 32% !!! This is the equivalent to a 71% shift in voting that favors Hillary Clinton in the primary!

Colorado Caucus

Colorado is an interesting state. I have not been to Colorado but it strikes me as a soccer mom and rugged dad kind of state. I have read Coloradians are very self reliant and every day have to deal with snowy conditions that can even cause occasional power outages in the dead of winter. I always thought that Colorado would vote for a democrat but apparently have gone republican more often in the past several presidential elections.

In Colorado, Barack Obama once again received 67% of the caucus vote, Hillary Clinton 33%. Is that really accurate? Are we really to believe that if Colorado had held a primary that the vote would have been so one-sided? How about Barack Obama wins 54-44% ? That would represent a shift of 26% in the vote in favor of Hillary Clinton. That is a huge amount of delegates that went to Barack Obama, and did not go to Hillary Clinton.

Any caucuses stories to relay about Caucusing in Colorado?

2008 Alaska Caucus, quotes and comments from people who were there.

I know very little about the Alaska Caucus. Apparently Barack Obama originally won over 69% of the delegates. Anybody know what the actual popularity of both Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama actually is in Alaska? Lol, 405 votes apparently decided 13 delegates. Is that possible? More importantly, is that an accurate way to allocate the delegates?


I'm adding to this topic on August 13, 2008.

Here are a couple of quotes that I think some up caucusing very well...

So this is what democracy looks like? I don't know where that picture was taken but I sure didn't see any rally of any kind tonight while I was there. I stood in a line for 45 minutes listening or trying to listen to people scramble around not knowing what to do. When I finally did get herded to a classroom I handed the guy my blue card and wrote down on a yellow note pad who I wanted to vote for. I could have written the name 20 times if I wanted. I never really felt any part of anything other than confused. A big disappoitment for me, maybe I was just expecting too much. Oh well I wanted John Edwards anyway.


and this comment...

February 5, 2008 - 11:34pm | DEM53
I understand that they were overwhelmed but that wasn't really my frustration. I was just expecting more from the whole process. The group as a whole should have been addressed and unified as Democrats. There were over five thousand Democrats gathered tonight and all the evening was spent separating us and not unifying us. There were many senior citizens that were lost in the shuffle and couldn't hear the directions that were being given. Maybe I was expecting too much.


Fun Times...
I was there:
masses of Alaskans registering as Democrats for the first time, just wanting to be part of the movement... people of all kinds crowding in to have their vote counted...excitment...confusion..lots of laughter and smiles as we all went along with a weird but invigorating process of voting with our bodies...losing my family in the crowd...regaining my hope for America.

Heard at the caucus:
"go to your room", "be patient", "if you don't know where to go...find the map", "stand up" ,"sit down", "raise your hand", "when I touch your hand, put it down", "If you didn't get a blue card, use a yellow one", "move over here, line up and put your hand on the person front of you", "wait 5 minutes and we'll count you again", "now try to get people to come join your group", "If you don't have 15 percent you have to go home" ...whatever works I guess...

and my favorite from a forlorn lady with a clipboard as we were leaving -"Uh, anyone wanna be a delegate?"

fun times...


"Wait five minutes and we'll count you again???? Senior Citizens lost in the shuffle.... I could have written the name 20 times if I had wanted.....

and perhaps the one that explains it best.... "There were over five thousand Democrats gathered tonight and all the evening was spent separating us and not unifying us".


Me again, this is not my party, this is not the democratic party that I know and am a part of. I blame George Soros for all of the problems. When a billionaire's only goal is to see that Barack Obama wins, we get a fixed election and people treated like their vote doesn't count.

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Nevada Caucus Cheating,

I believe that having so many nevada caucus stations located "on the vegas strip", was not fair to the state as a whole. People have tried to twist and spin this story into the Clintons complaining because the culinary union did not back them. The culinary union is 40% hispanic and the Clintons have had the hispanic vote in the past. So, the bigger unasked question is, why didn't the Clinton's get the culinary union to back them?

But more importantly, Bill Clinton put it eloquently and correctly when he was confronted over the caucus venue locations and intelligently pointed out that the state as a whole was not being fairly represented. Tell us your story in the comments section. If you are willing to use your first and last name I will add your story to this article and give you credit.

Iowa Caucuses, Tell us Your Story.

I did find this, this is VERY INTERESTING. Obama, you are busted.
How Obama and Richardson Cheated in the Iowa Caucuses, by Robert Vinciguerra

It appears that not only did Richardson whore himself early on, but then he bragged about it by coming out front and center and endorsing Obama as if his voice mattered more than the people of the United States.

I recall a statement that Iowa voters tend to not vote for women as easily as men. If you know about any other biases that would have unfairly changed the vote in this caucus state, please contribute it in the comments section. If you sign your first and last name, then I will then add it to this article, credited to you.

Obama, You Cheated in the Caucus States and it's time to Admit it.

The Media is trying to say that Barack Obama is victimized by racism and religion issues. I disagree, I think Barack Obama has a credibility issue based on suspicious caucus voting results and by his disavowing Florida and Michigan delegates votes from mattering until the race has already been decided.