Friday, May 23, 2008

Coming Soon, North Dakota, Louisiana, Nebraska, Washington, Virgin Islands, Maine, D.C Caucus Stories to come.

I am getting some interesting information from
about several different caucus state voting discrepancies.

Please check back in a day or so for newer articles. In the meantime, if you have anything to contribute to the stories below please do. Just post a comment in the comments section. If you use your real name I can add your story to the main article and give you a credit.


BloodDAnna said...

Would you like to hear about how people were writing in Senator Obama's name on all the blank candidate spaces on the sign in sheets here in Washington? Rather interesting actually, wish I knew which person at our table had done it so that i could have addressed it at the time.

This election has really made me aware of the deviousness and dishonesty in people. It also made me very aware that a precinct caucus is really a free for all with no one in charge and no verification process for the participants. Can't believe that this has went on like this without notice.

Alessandro Machi said...

Thank you blooddanna, I may add an excerpt of what you have written to the the actual article itself. Sad to say that it probably would have required a police officer or two at many caucus locations to ensure a modicum of caucus fairness and accuracy.

I believe that some areas had completely civil and normal caucus elections, but the key word is "some".

How ironic is that we sometimes see police involvement on voting day to ensure safey in other parts of the world, yet when it comes to caucusing in the United States actual police intervention was probably needed to insure a safe and cheat free election at many caucus locations.

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