Thursday, May 22, 2008

Idaho Caucus Controversy

I recall reading that The Barack Obama ground troops canvassed Idaho for 6 months or longer and the result was an 83% to 17% margin over Hillary Clinton. lol, if they had had a couple of more months they could have gotten 100% of the vote. That's fair and accurate, right? (sarcasm alert). How about Barack 60%, Hillary 40%? That is a 46% swing in the margin of victory, a stunning amount that Hillary had taken from her.

Do you have an Idaho caucus story or a poll that was done that shows the final result of 83% for Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton at 18% is just too huge of a margin to be fair and accurate? Please let this blog know and we can even add it to this article and give you credit if you use your first and last name.

Update to this article. Idaho, after their mind numbingly inaccurate democratic caucus contest, then held a primary. From an 83% to 17% margin of victory in the caucus contest for Barack Obama, the primary result was 57%-36% margin. While that is still a win for Barack Obama (dare I ask if Republicans crossed over and voted for Barack???), Hillary Clinton actually gained a HUGE amount, we're talking over a 110 % increase in voters for Hillary Clinton even as Barack Obama's vote percentage DROPPED 32% !!! This is the equivalent to a 71% shift in voting that favors Hillary Clinton in the primary!

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