Wednesday, June 11, 2008

What Hillary Clinton Supporters are Fighting For.

I believe that George Soros, Huffington Post, MSNBC, and a few others spearheaded a move to secure the democratic nomination for Barack Obama. If this is true, AND they cheated to do it, then it is essential that this result be overturned, otherwise the affect it will have on future presidential races could be catastrophic.

If Barack Obama was assisted in winning the democratic nomination by George Soros, Huffington Post, Move On, and MSNBC, then in the future, viable democratic candidates might feel compelled to get the blessing of the above group or not even make an attempt to run for the presidency. Donors may not even bother donating money to a campaign if the candidate does not have the approval of those mentioned above since they will have all the power.

If MSNBC is successful in changing the way they report news and gain viewers in the process, and also get to select who the presumptive democratic candidate is before the public even casts a single vote, they will never change back to being a news station that reports the news, rather than manipulates it.

The higher ups who support Fox television news, upon seeing how that they lost the presidential race to a democratic candidate who was financially propped up and helped by so many forces, may begin interfere in the republic nominating process to a greater degree. Rather than waiting until the public elects the Republican nominee, Fox News and their higher ups may choose to take the mystery out of this step and in essence help pre-select the presumptive Republican nominee in the same manner that George Soros, MSNBC, Huffington Post and Move On have done with Barack Obama.

The fight to see "truth in voting" win out, also known as Fair Reflection, not only affects this election, but will have far reaching consequences in future presidential elections as well. A lot is at stake in seeing the real truth come out of the fraudulent caucus voting that helped the democratic presumptive nominee, Barack Obama gain an ill gotten advantage over Hillary Clinton.


The Smoking Cupcake said...

Where are your sources? I'm mystified at your assertions as there is nothing provided to back them least give me some Washington Times quotes to back up your ridiculous points. Hillary lost and will never be able to hold Ted Kennedy's jock strap because she's insincere. Period. You haven't been paying close enough attention.

Anonymous said...

STFU cupcake girl. Hussien Obama cheated Hillary out of what was hers. I bet that b*itch Michelle Obama is giddy but Ill be giddy when Hillary is the nominee

The Smoking Cupcake said...

Once again, this time to Mr. Anonymous, where are the sources to back up the shadow tactics you claim Obama used? Hillary ran a bad campaign, plain and simple. Get over it.

notobama said...

I'ld like to see anyone try to verify cuacus states-it's not possible.He's a smart man with backers with lotsa $.And if he cheated in caucus states,he cheated in primary states-know that! ??What ever did happen in Indiana??
Obama's dirty no matter which way you look at it.Where'd all that $$$ come from and where'd it go???I wouldn't put anything past him!
Denver-here we come!!

Kurt said...

I love your blog. keep up the good work!

Richard and Alix said...

We linked to your blog in ours,
Keep up the Nobama-ing!
Alix and Richard