Wednesday, June 18, 2008

How David Axelrod Corrupted Barack Obama.

One of the bulls eye moments in this years campaign was John McCain mentioning that Barack Obama had only been to Iraq once, whereas every other major presidential candidate had been there at least three times or more. From the moment this point was made a couple of months ago, it was pretty evident that Barack Obama would need to go visit the troops at least one more time this year.

I also think it's fair to say that if the "Barack in Iraq" topic hadn't been brought up by McCain, Barack might not not have made it a priority, unless there was some strategic advantage to be gained by going to Iraq.

Yesterday on MSNBC, the "Barack in Iraq" situation was discussed with David Axelrod on MSNBC. Mr. Axelrod looked right into the camera and without so much as a finger wag nor a flinch, said that Barack going to Iraq HAD NOTHING TO DO with John McCain bringing up the topic.
It saddened me to see the absolutely unflinching, completely sociopathic look on Mr. Axelrod's face as he attempted to look into the camera and try and be believeable as he downplayed McCain's role in Barack going to Iraq.

Rather than for once, just once, giving McCain a minor bit of credit for a shot across the bow that actually made a slight dent in the Barack Obama facade, and THEN downplaying it as not being that big of a deal, Axelrod was in full denial mode as he stated that Barack Obama had planned all along to go to Iraq.

It reminded me of the Pee Wee Herman movie when he goes over the handlebars of his own bicycle and makes a spectacular summersault and crash, and then looks up at a group of kids and says, "I meant to do that".

It saddened me because as I watched Axelrod lose all credibility right in front of my eyes, I realized that it is his sociopathic mindset that has contaminated whatever purity Barack Obama may have still had before his campaign began.

Deny everything, never admit any weakness, just power through on down the road. You know, the way the Bush administration does it.

Change, what change?


Anonymous said...

OMG! Do you REALLY want to talk about corrupt advisors?? Seriously? Let's start with Mark Penn ...

Hillary lost. You really need to get over it.

Anonymous said...

Nice garbage you've written. Thanks for the laugh.

Anonymous said...

Obama is AxelRod's puppet. I claim ( without proof ) that AxelRod wrote Obama's books. AxelRod saw a man he could possibly make President. AxelRod met Obama when Obama was a community organizer. It was AxelRod that made Obama - Obama is his personal project.

Anonymous said...

OMG i can't believe being a woman that you woman are still stupid enough at a time of serious issue and moose hunting wannabe backwoods barbie that totally not a feminiest you are STILL HARPING ON OLD SHIT? GIVE ME A BREAK..

Alessandro Machi said...

Nothing to get over, this topic was made several months ago and I still stand by it.