Wednesday, June 4, 2008

MSNBC Caucus Cheating Cover Up? Dan Abrams and Andrea Mitchell Claim Congress is Mad at Hillary Clinton for not Quitting Race, Congressman Disagrees.

A comical exchange occurred on the Dan Abrams show when Dan Abrams tried to put forth the premise that Congress was highly incensed Hillary had not yet dropped out of the 2008 democratic race. When Dan Abrams tried to get the congressman he was interviewing to agree with this premise, the congressman looked into the camera and said "no, not at all, Congress is not mad at Hillary Clinton, not in the least, you guys are the ones who seem anxious to have Hillary quit".

Dan Abrams, caught in a very embarrassing moment known as the big MSNBC Hillary Must Quit spinzone, sputtered, stuttered, and then tried to convince the congressman that he was wrong in his belief that Congress was not unhappy with Hillary for not quitting.

Having no luck changing the congressman's mind, Dan Abrams compounds the embarrassing situation by asking Andrea Mitchell, who was on a live phone feed, to corroborate Abrams assertion that it was others, and not MSNBC, that wanted Hillary Clinton to quit the democratic 2008 race.

Andrea then stuttered and sputtered her own reply to Abrams. It was a not ready for prime time moment that needs to be exposed because something much, much bigger is being hidden.

It is my opinion that something is being covered up and somebody very high up believes that it is essential that Hillary Clinton quit as soon as possible to help cover up the illegal activity.

My theory is that somebody wants Hillary Clinton to quickly quit so her own voter base can't pay off her debt. By rushing Hillary Clinton to quit, it forces Hillary Clinton to have her plus 20 million dollar debt paid off by the democratic national party and Barack Obama. This maneuver practically forces Hillary Clinton to keep quiet should she later on discover the illegal secret collusion activity involving the Iowa Caucus and other caucuses that followed.

I see no compelling reason to rush Hillary Clinton to quit so quickly. Those who have orchestrated the Iowa Caucus imbroglio may want to move things forward as fast as posible and in the process hope that it makes everyone forget about CaucusGate, before CaucusGate is ever brought into the light.

John Edwards, Bill Richardson, and Barack Obama colluded in Iowa to stop Hillary Clinton, and they succeeded beyond all expectations. Not only did Hillary Clinton overspend by 10-15 million dollars in Iowa, it appears Edwards, Richardson, and Obama were able to orchestrate the caucus precinct votes so that Edwards would barely beat Hillary Clinton and plummet Hillary Clinton all the way to third place.

What two individuals then came out at two critical times to support Barack Obama? How about Bill Richardson and John Edwards. These three democratic candidates, or people directly reporting to them, may be guilty of criminal actions against the United States of America. Caucus fraud by secretly colluding in the Iowa Caucus, and then repeating that secret collusion in several more caucuses that followed, can not be taken lightly.

I have researched the caucus results and they point to cheating as the numbers are so far out the normal range of what the vote should have been, it appears they were illegally manipulated. At the end of the day, the actual delegates for each candidate should reflect to some degree their support within a state, failure to do so puts the democratic party at risk of fraud.


Christine said...

This should be spread all over! I will blog but everyone of integrity should do the same!

Zach said...

Your a complete joke, Clinton supporters are getting more and more desperate with every passing day. You have no evidence, only wild conclusions based on actions taken out of context. I hope no one ever takes you seriously.

eridon said...

What you say makes sense. I had the impression in my local caucus that the organizers from the DNC were trying to push the impression that Obama was a done deal. They could only get away with that at a caucus.

This was my first caucus, and I didn't like it because of the peer pressure. A democracy needs the secret ballot for democracy to exist. Only in absolute privacy can people vote as they truly believe with no one looking over their shoulder.

Seems to me Hillary's supporters would be glad to help Hillary with her campaign debt, especially if they knew the implications.

Anonymous said...

illegal secret collusion activity involving the Iowa Caucus and other caucuses that followed.
if you have proof of illegal activity youhave a duty to share it. what is it? you've looked at numbers? whats the normal range? what are the numbers?

until you actually show some evidence and not just take every pro- hillary argument to the exreme, then you should be relegated to be being just another crazy person detached from reality, on the internet, blogging, a total waste of everyone's time.

Alsatian said...

I was directed here by someone on another forum. I mentioned how the caucus in Minnesota was a joke. How they weren't checking for ID or making sure people who were in the room actually belonged there. Also there were tons of kids running around. Anyone could have gone into any room, vote and move on to another room, voting multiple times. It was very disorganized. The person collecting signatures wasn't even paying attention when I signed my name. There's no way something so important as the selection of a candidate for president should be run in this careless manner.

A.M. said...

Thank you alsatian, for saying it how it is. Factor in the collusion between Edwards, Richardson and Obama, David Axelrod's slimy methods, George Soros's money, and the cooperation of a significant part of our media and the fix is in and we all lose if they succeed.

In the future, those vying for the presidency won't even bother if they don't first get approved by George Soros and company. No thanks.

A.M. said...

Minnesota basically gave Barack Obama double the delegates than they gave Hillary Clinton.

There is no way Barack Obama would come anywhere near 67% of the vote if a primary had been held in Minnesota. I'm not so sure he would have even won.

John Edward's rural manager said on MSNBC that he would do everything in his power to make sure John Edwards did not support Hillary Clinton. Apparently he may have had a hidden influence that we are unaware of even after Edwards quit.