Thursday, June 5, 2008

Can Hillary Clinton Delegates be For Hillary Clinton while campaigning for Barack Obama?

Can Hillary Clinton Delegates be for Hillary Clinton while campaigning for Barack Obama? Apparently the democratic party is confused over this issue. It appears that to be a card carrying member of the Barack Obama presidential campaign club, a Hillary Clinton delegate must disavow any allegiance to Hillary Clinton.

When delegates change their vote simply to be on the "winning team", are they acting ethically? Every delegate voter who changes their vote, or decides who to vote for based on who was winning the delegate race is acting unethically in my opinion. The delegates that voted based on who was going to win have violated a very basic tenet of their responsibility to both the public, themselves, and the democratic party that I used to be familar with.

Media manipulation has never been more transparent than in this years race. The new norm, as imposed by the media, is that all delegates are supposed to side with whomever is leading the democratic race, or they are not following the will of the voters.

This is a nonsensical message and it appears to me to be a cloak for some other possibly illegal behavior that is being covered up by the democratic higher ups and the news media.


Zach said...

Clinton lost, and not because of some 9/11 conspiracy theory.

A.M. said...

Clinton lost because Fair Reflection was not achieved by the democratic party and because George Soros crossed the line of letting the people decide to make sure his candidate made through the democratic process.

Barack Obama is beholden to George Soros and in my opinion that is unnacceptable, especially when this is the candidate that wants to "change" things and not be beholden to lobbyists. George Soros may be the biggest lobbiest of all.