Monday, June 2, 2008

To the Barack Obama Ground Crew, Tell Your Caucus Cheating Story NOW While it Still Has Value.

When the stories begin coming out on how Barack Obama operatives cheated in the caucus state voting process, only the first few who confess will make money and become famous for it. Once the Barack Obama cheating in the Caucus State votes makes the press and you weren't one of the first to tell your story, your story's value will plummet.

There are Obama caucus delegates who can't wait to get to Denver and tell their tale of how they cheated in the caucus states, but it may be too late by then.

Perhaps the idea of kicking back a beer and getting a lap dance from a mile high strip club girl or guy may be on your itinerary, but that is still months off. Once just a few Barack Obama people come forward with their story of cheating in the caucus states, not only will your story be useless, but you will be scorned because you weren't one of the first to confess. You'll have a great story that you really won't be able to tell and have people believe you.

At least Scott McClellan got a book deal, what are you going to get for being a cheater who waited to confuse until it was too late?
Surely once the nomination process is over you will be the LAST ONE anyone from the Barack Obama camp will want to help as you are a reminder of the cheating it took to win the nomination.

What a way to start your political career.


Nick said...

my lord you are an idiot. If you have the knowledge why don't you come out and tell this grand story of caucus cheating. Why don't you cash in on this amazing story....yes "they" are doing it all..."they" are stealing the nomination..."they" will soon tell their story..."they" are forming a conspiracy to make Obama the nominee...blah blah blah....anyone can make a blog up and create conclusions without facts in order to start some cockamamie conspiracy theory, but honestly its tiring to read of your nonsensical and illogical dribble.

Hillary is losing because she was outrun...6 months ago she was the "inevitable" nominee...the powerhouse, the incumbent, the winner...but she had no post super Tuesday plan and she ran as an experience candidate when all were searching for change. She simply got out beat, but everyone, including you it seems, has this selective memory, which forgets all of that and claims he is stealing the nomination....she should have ran away with this nomination, she had all the infrastructure to do so - she go outplayed. end of story. you are a moron.

SergeiRostov said...

If you have the knowledge why don't you come out and tell this grand story of caucus cheating.

It's already been told over and over, including - but by no means limited to - in official police reports from the state of Texas.

Do some research before posting next time, so you dont look like such a fool.

Nick said...

the only fool on here is you...having a successful caucus means having strong grassroots support, educating the public and getting out the vote. Obama's campaign was better at it than Hillary's. She wrote them off planning for big wins on Super was a miscalculation. So stop whining now that the game is over.