Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Conspiracy Theory, Why Hillary Clinton works best as Secretary of State for Barack Obama, but not necessarily for Hillary Clinton.

What if over the next three years the Republicans come to appreciate Hillary Clinton in Congress, A LOT. What if over the next three years, Hillary Clinton, as a congress person, is able to co-mingle both Democratic and Republican interests to balance out bills that otherwise would have an entirely democratic point of view?

What if Hillary Clinton's new found popularity is able to withstand MSNBC's inevitable attacks against her by full on support by Fox Television, Republicans, and Hillary Clinton supporters?

Is Barack Obama just trying to avoid a possible resurgence by Hillary Clinton three years from now in which Hillary Clinton Supporters and the Republicans join forces in the next presidential campaign? Since Republicans appear to have barely enough of a coalition to perhaps stop a democratic legislative steam rollering in congress for the next two years, and since both Clintons are very capable with dealing with both sides of the political landscape, could Barack Obama simply be preventing a strange coalition from forming over the next three years?

I'm not convinced that the top top layers of the Barack Obama regime are actually talented and ethical enough to win on a level playing field, a move like offering Hillary Clinton the secretary of state position could just be a way to keep their main competition out of the way.


Can Bill Clinton serve in place of Hillary Clinton in congress while Hillary serves as Secretary of State? Then if Hillary Clinton doesn't work out as secretary of state, Bill could step aside and Hillary could be voted in?