Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Whew, that was close, Chicago politician Rod Blagovejich's corruptness has nothing to do with our favorite son, snark snark, nor the 2008 campaign.

Kings used to be called "your highness". Perhaps we can now call our own politicians "Your Corruptness" when they behave in the manner that Illinois governor Rod Blagovejich has allegedly behaved. Blagovejich apparently tried to sell Barack Obama's congressional seat to the highest bidder, even trying to drive the price up by saying he would take the position himself if he didn't get a high enough offer.

It might be safe to presume that Mr. Blagovejich has engaged in other activities before this one that are equally questionable. Was Mr. Blagojevich completely insulated from Barack Obama's campaign for the 2008 democratic nomination? Will Mr. Blagovejich ask for leniency if he spills the beans in other ways? Wow.

Will a mysterious call come into Mr. Blagojevich that if he spills the beans, his family will be endangered? If Mr. Blagovejich is in custody of the FBI, does that mean he cannot yet be threatened by any outside sources specifically so he does talk? Might Mr. Blagojevich be willing to share other tales of corrupt behavior if he is shown some leniency over the initial charge?

All of that money that Barack Obama raised, and none of it went to the Illinois Governor??? If Barack Obama's camp was approached by the governor, and they rebuffed ALL overtures, then that might be a test that Barack Obama actually has integrity and will make a good president. However, if the FBI attempts to protect the president elect by pretending there can be no connection even if some exist, they weaken the country and our constitution.