Tuesday, November 4, 2008

To Congratulate Barack Obama Supporters is to Patronize them. I am Embarrassed for my Country Tonight for Condoning Cheating in this years Election.

I feel we have insulted all African Americans by enabling the first African American president to win by first cheating in the caucus contests during the democratic nomination race, and then compounding this error by allowing Barack Obama to spend 3 times what his presidental competition spent, and doing it with well over 200 million dollars in undocumented money.

To congratulate Barack Obama supporters is to patronize them, I am embarrassed for my country tonight.


Greg S. said...

Get a life. It's over. Move on with your life.

Anonymous said...

What about your predictions that Obama can't win? At least have the honesty to say you were wrong, wrong, wrong. Maybe you were wrong about everything, eh?

Portia said...

I'm not surprised he won, but I am saddened. His victory represents the same kind of shallow thinking that got W his two terms. What are people thinking? I guess the answer is most of them do not think at all. Really, what do they expect this empty suit to be able to accomplish now that he has been handed the highest office in the land? He's never had an original idea, never successfully led anything and never taken a stand on anything. To make matters worse, his idea of foreign policy is capitulation. No wonder our enemies are so pleased with the idea of an Obama Presidency.

Alessandro Machi said...

I never said Obama can't win. I said Obama deserves NOT to win for his cheating in the caucuses and his use of over 200 million dollars in unmarked bills to win.


Greg s,

Is George Soros "moving on"?

There's your answer.

Philly da boss said...

please dont speak for us blacks

we partied all night in the streets

the entire world celebrated

and your over there crying with the ben and jerry

in fact NEVER mention african american again....we have no contact with you at all BYE!

Zee said...

"get over it, get a life!"

That's what the republicans used to tell us.

The entire world didn't celebrate, boss. The gay community in California is mourning because the AA supporters of Obama overwhelming voted against gay marriage, and took away their human rights.

Alessandro Machi said...

Greg S is actually George Soros, that is funny. Yes Philly man, the same night that Barack Obama was winning, Blacks in California were denying gays the right to marriage.

How ironic is that.

Joe said...

I'm sick and tired of hearing how the 70% of black voters denied gay people the right to get married. As a black gay male, I keep wondering why it is that everyone keeps failing to mention that blacks are only 6.2% of California. 6.2% is not enough votes to pass anything. What about the 59.8% of Whites and 35.9% of Hispanics that live in CA? Since those demographics far exceed a mere 6.2%, shouldn't THEY bare the burden of this vote?

Alessandro Machi said...

Good Point Joe. I think everybody just expected anyone voting for Barack Obama would also vote against Prop 8.