Sunday, July 6, 2008

Nevada Caucus Tactics Involved a Purely Republican Florida 2000 Maneuver by the Barack Obama Camp.

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When Al Gore tried to get votes recounted in Florida in 2000, the Republicans accused him of trying to change the voting rules to benefit him. In actuality, because of a one week voter recount time limit, what Al Gore did was try and address voting discrepancies without creating massive chaos an entire state recount would cause. I find it shocking that a Florida recount would not automatically trigger additional time to recount the votes. Apparently the United States supreme court was comfortable with a florida recount system that sticks to a schedule even if that schedule precludes a legitimate statewide recount from being possible. (gasp).

Because of this, Al Gore was trapped into asking for pieces of the Florida revote pie, and that is when the Republicans hit him with the accusation that Gore wanted to change the rules until Gore won. In Nevada, a similar thing happened. The Vegas Strip culinary workers were able to set up close to a dozen voting locations along the vegas strip. The problem with this was the caucus voting was ONLY available to the hotel workers and no one else who lived or worked in the area. Additionally, speaking out in public for Hillary Clinton in this type of situation could make an employee feel like their job was in danger for going against their bosses. The percentage of selected delegates from these specific caucus locations was going to favor the culinary union over any one else that voted elsewhere in the Nevada Caucus.

The Barack Obama camp received the endorsement of the Las Vegas culinary union (and you gotta wonder what sleazy tactics went on to get it since Hillary Clinton is supported by Hispanics and the culinary union has a very large contingent of Hispanics). There were also reports of intimidation among the Hispanic union members by the higher ups to vote for Barack Obama.

When individual members of the teachers union brought up the various inequities that would give the culinary union an unfair delegate advantage over all other voting counties in the state of Nevada, they were immediately attacked on all fronts and charges of racism ensued. Bill Clinton appeared in a newsclip eloquently defending the lawsuit and the lack of fairness in allowing Vegas Strip voting to count for more than any other group in the state. Some people have posted this clip on youtube and tried to imply that Bill Clinton was somehow being arrogant or upset. Actually Bill Clinton was basically 100% correct in his comments.

Then came the "Florida Manuever" by the Barack Obama camp. When the Nevada lawsuit was filed, the Barrack Obama people and their bot friends accused the Clinton's of filing a lawsuit to change the rules only because they did not get the union's endorsement. This is the kind of accusation that damages a reputation and is something usually reserved for the opposite political party, as the Republicans did to Al Gore back in 2000. In this instance it is the Barack Obama camp doing "the Florida Manuever" to a fellow democrat, Hillary Clinton.

While there are instances in which both sides hammered each other over various political stances, the Nevada situation was different because the lawsuit was bringing up the issue of "Fair Reflection" and the Barack Obama camp had no stomach to make sure the Nevada Caucus fairly reflected the vote of the state. What was the Clintons reward for supporting the conceopt of "Fair Reflection" in Nevada?

You can google Nevada Caucus Lawsuit and you will find a preponderance of articles that take Barack Obama's position and unfairly paint the Clinton's as being elitists and against fairness. Some articles even claim the Clintons arer racist against Hispanics!

It appears to me that the DNC only believed in Fair Reflection when it benefited Barack Obama, and the DNC did not support Fair Reflection when it benefited Hillary Clinton.

How can it be a dubious lawsuit to ask that the percentage of delegates selected from the Vegas Strip be porptionately equal to the rest of the state???

The craziest part of all, and bears repeating, the Vegas strip caucuses were only open to the employees of the hotel holding the caucus. No LOCAL RESIDENTS WERE ALLOWED IN, AND, could you imagine saying in public that you supported Hillary Clinton in the middle of a culinary union vote in which the union higher ups had already supported Barack Obama?

Who would stand up in front of their bosses and upper management and speak on Hillary Clinton's behalf? The fear of losing one's job, whether valid or not, is more than enough to quell Hillary Clinton Supporters from standing up at a culinary caucus meeting and speaking on behalf of Hillary Clinton. Even if the likelihood of losing one's job not really there, the perception of punishment CAN EASILY BE THERE.

While the Clintons were then accused of being anti-hispanic in Las Vegas, Bill Clinton was also being accused of being racist in South Carolina. Bill Clinton, racist? It is such a laughable concept, yet the racism card was played over and over by the George Soros influenced media early on and often.


Tony Kondaks said...

Do pledged Obama delegates have the obligation to switch votes at the convention if they feel that he no longer represents the sentiments of those that elected him?

The DNC rules not only allow it, they encourage it:

A.M. said...

They will need a groundswell of support to make this happen.