Wednesday, July 9, 2008

MSNBC, Huffington Post, David Axlerod Timeline to Destroy the Clintons early in the 2008 Presidential Race.

Why did 3 superdelegates leave John Edwards and join Barack Obama before Edwards had quit the race? Why did Edwards quit the race just days before all the caucus elections were to be held? Edwards voters were 40% in favor of Clinton and 25% in favor of Obama when Edwards quit the race, yet it was evident that Barack Obama got the big bump in the caucus state contests held soon after Edwards had quit.

It appears that Richardson, Edwards and Obama colluded by all taking their names off the ballot in Michigan right at the October 2007 filing deadline. It is possible they may have shared their groups of supporters precinct by precinct in the early caucus races to optimize each candidates overall position. If Richardson, Edwards and Hillary had colluded against Barack, the charge of racism would have been rightfully leveled. But when it is three males against a more mature female opponent, no one mentions ageism and sexism.

In Nevada, the culinary Union, even though it was comprised of at least 40% hispanic, somehow picked Barack Obama over Hillary Clinton, (I'd really like to know how that backroom deal went down) then poured it on by creating outrageous rules for voting elegibility along the Vegas Strip. Only Hotel employees could vote in the vegas strip caucuses, and their delegate totals were significantly higher than any other caucus precincts in the entire state.

When the Nevada teachers union filed a legitimate lawsuit that the Vegas Strip Caucuses would have too much influence as compared to all the other caucuses in the state, the Clintons were attacked as being racist and anti-Latino!

Not to be outdone, Bill Clinton was then accused of racism in South Carolina! I think it is possible that David Axlerod was involved in these early racism charges against the Clintons.

Here is where it really gets weird. Dan Abrams of MSNBC began clamoring that the superdelegates should not dictate the outcome of the race. Interesting side note, Dan Abrams uses the name "Beat the Press" in his daily television show and even claims to be the first one to have used the name. This is comedy and lying all rolled into one as it was Arianna Huffington circa 1997 that pitched a show called "Beat the Press" for television syndication, but it was never picked up. We all know how closely intertwined Arianna Huffington is with MSNBC.

Is it possible that Abrams and Huffington worked out a deal that allowed Abrams to use Arianna Huffington's concept "Beat the Press" (Dan Abrams has proudly claimed he was the first to use the phrase "Beat the Press"), if Abrams would agree to intimidate the superdelegates with his daily diatribe against the superdelegates deciding the outcome of the race? Dan Abrams went on and on for days over the "Super delegates cannot decide the race" theme.

While Abrams was putting forth the "superdelegates cannot control the nomination process" theme, The Great Plains caucus contests were falling in shockingly unrepresentative fashion for Barack Obama. John Edwards had just quit the race prior to these February Great Plains Caucuses and Edwards' top rural advisor, Dave "Mudcat" Saunders had stated on MSNBC: "I will do everything in my power so he doesn't endorse Hillary Clinton."

Hmmm, a John Edwards rural advisor who hates Hillary Clinton is suddenly available just in time for the Great Plains States Caucuses, which results in incredibly unrealistic numbers for Barack Obama and ends up being the difference maker in the 2008 democratic race.

After the Caucus Contests victories in February Barack Obama managed to achieve the suspicious feat of 51% of the vote (not counting Florida and Michigan) yet 57% of the delegates.Nobody at MSNBC seemed to think it was biased news reporting to try and diminish the superdelegates role in the election while simultaneously ignoring Barack Obama's significantly higher percentage of delegates 57% versus his popular vote total 51%.

Backed by Dan Abrams MSNBC show demanding that the super delegates not decide the race, Donna Brazile decided to become the decider and began to threaten that if the superdelegates decided the race there would basically be rioting in the streets. The evidence is shockingly there that from the beginning the fix was in to eliminate Hillary Clinton from the race, all thanks to Billionaire George Soros and his unhealthy influence on several media sources in the 2008 democratic race.

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