Tuesday, July 15, 2008

The Kind of Lawsuit against the DNC that could actually make a difference.

I think a lawsuit prior to the Denver coronation could play a significant role in the 2008 democratic nomination process.

My research leads me to believe that no judge would actually favor overturning the current democratic result no matter what evidence was presented.

However, if I had the resources, I would file a lawsuit to try and get a ruling in which a judge declares whether or not "fair reflection" was followed in this years democratic race between Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton. I believe a judge might rule that Fair Reflection WAS NOT in force in the 2008 democratic process.

Think of it as an asterisk in front a sports record.

Asterisks in front of a sports record designates that something about that record needs to be explained whenever the record is quoted.

I believe that Barack Obama's 11 highest winning percentages all being from caucus states is a statistical abberation that is so far out of alignment that it cannot be called "fair reflection" of the voters in those states. Hillary Clinton was actually leading or tied in MOST of the caucus contests that went to Barack Obama by a 2-1 margin.

When a candidate wins approximately 15 caucuses and 18 primaries, and their top 11 caucus wins are also the top 11 in winning percentage, something is mathematically out of joint. The top 10 highest percentage wins for Barack Obama should have been a blend, at most, 7 caucus wins and 3 primary wins, but any more than 7 caucus wins and something suspicious was in play, and the results are tainted.

As further evidence, we know that three states that held both primaries and caucuses show OVER A 30% SWING IN HILLARY CLINTON'S FAVOR from the caucus result to the primary result. As a fourth example, we have Texas. Hillary Clinton won the state's popular vote by 4%, but lost the ensuing caucus vote by a 2-1 margin.

If a judge could be presented enough convincing evidence that fair reflection did not happen in many of the caucus state contests, a ruling stating that the democrats did not live up to fair reflection in the 2008 election would be ethically devastating to the Barack Obama camp.

Many other specific situations could also be brought up that thoroughly show virtually all of the critical rulings favoring Barack Obama throughout the 2008 election campaign, another sign that fair reflection did not happen.

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