Thursday, January 21, 2010

THE TRUE CHARACTER OF HILLARY CLINTON, from Joe Scarbororough and the Huffington Post.

Wow, oh Wow oh Wow. It's like being in the twilight zone and two years year later people slowly start admitting how the fix was in against Hillary Clinton in 2008. Click here to read this amazing editorial by Joe Scarborough that has been posted on the Huffington Post.


marry said...

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gama said...

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Anonymous said...

If the entire truth of this is not told we will NEVER have another fair election again. Obama's campaign cheated in every caucus. There is AMPLE evidence. The national news should have been ALL over this two years ago! I will never forget. I will never vote for another democrat unless Hillary runs again for the rest of my life. Furthermore, I will make sure every single person I know now and in the future sees this documentary, Lynette Long's caucus fraud analysis, AND the video showing that the Obama campaign hired Meyer's and associates to STEAL Hillary delegates.

I am not going to shut up or go away. I told Dr. Dean's office that in 2008. Until there is justice there can be NO PEACE.

This doesn't just affect Hillary voters. It effects the entire voting process for the future of this country. Not only that, but because this was not addressed properly by the democratic *cough* party in 2008 we wound up with an incompetent corporate puppet for POTUS. AGAIN. Thanks democrats for costing the country what might have been the best POTUS of our life time when the country was in dire need of that know how. Thieving, lying, vote stealing, money grubbing thugs run the party now.

They will game the system again and again now. If C.N.N. or MSNBC were smart THEY would have covered this. The silence from them is deafening. Rachel truth teller Maddow where the hell are you? Democracy Now? Mother Jones? Rolling Stone? ANYONE? Where the hell are the democrats? Barack Obama's campaign has silenced them all.

If anyone has an account of what they saw in Iowa, Texas, Washington etc please send it to Gigi Gaston and to the media outlets. They bussed in voters to Iowa from Chicago AND Omaha. People voted there who did not live there. They came in Buses! Joe Biden even remarked about it when he took the stage in Iowa. Isn't Iowa where Obama took the stage to "99 Problems" Pretty damned in your face I'd say. He KNEW they were cheating the American people out of a fair election and did not care.

HOW can someone claim to want to govern the country when he does not care about stealing votes, and walking all over eighteen million Americans? He cannot.

Hillary 2012 or vote them ALL OUT!

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