Saturday, October 9, 2010

Young Turks Analysis of the 2008 democratic race IGNORED Caucus and Primary Irregularities that favored Barack Obama over Hillary Clinton.

As the list below of Barack Obama 2008 primary and caucus victories below shows, Barack Obama's top 11 biggest percentage wins were all caucus contests, and none from primary states. Polling that was done just before virtually all of the 2008 democratic caucus contests showed Hillary Clinton either leading or tied with Barack Obama in those contests. For Hillary Clinton to then lose the caucus delegates by a 2-1 margin suggests some level of fraud or vote misrepresentation.

The Young Turks youtube video "Why is Obama Winning So Many States" claims Barack Obama's 2008 early February delegate lead resulted from Barack Obama spending campaign money in all fifty states.

What the Young Turks fail to mention is that Illinois MOVED UP their primary date from the end of March 2008 to the beginning of February, 2008! The 54 delegate Illinois margin of victory for Barack Obama ended up being the difference maker as it helped Barack Obama to an unanticipated early delegate lead. This one action alone also helped motivate Barack Obama's field troops in the caucus contests that immediately followed, and to also raise money.

The Young Turks made no mention of Barack Obama suspending the Michigan vote. The hypocrisy of Barack Obama suspending one state that was economically desperate (Michigan) and wanted to be counted in the 2008 democratic race by moving their primary date up, while welcoming his own state (Illinois) moving up their own primary vote by 7 weeks is hypocrisy at best, political back room dealing at worst, and the very type of "change" Barack Obama claimed to oppose. lol, and Michael Moore (who is from Michigan) said NOTHING about this!

The states that moved up their dates that supported Hillary Clinton, Michigan and Florida, had their delegate votes suspended and diluted. Two states that supported Barack Obama included Illinois which did move up their date by seven weeks, and North Carolina, which wanted to move up their primary date but instead received BONUS DELEGATES of either 14 or 28 FOR NOT moving up their primary date.
So in these four instances among primary states, Hillary Clinton leaning states were sanctioned for moving up their primary dates, Barack Obama states WERE REWARDED.
As far as I know, none of the "in the tank for Barack Obama" media reported on either Illinois moving up their date, or North Carolina (a Barack Obama state) getting the bonus delegates, and that made Hillary Clinton fighting for Michigan and Florida look less reasonable than it actually was.

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