Monday, September 15, 2008

Why I Can't take Barack Obama seriously when He Talks about the Economy.

Barack Obama believes that the more the U.S. economy stumbles, the better his chances are to defeat John McCain. I beg to differ. The more the economy flails and fails and crumbles, the more the CLINTON'S, past and present. should have a chance to fix the economy, from the White House.

Oh, wait, that ship sailed when Barack Obama and the heads of the D.N.C. spat on the Bill Clinton record and the incredible potential Hillary Clinton would have brought to the table. That ship also sailed when the concept of fair reflection in the caucus contests was ignored, when Florida and Michigan were literally discounted, and when the results of the primaries in which Hillary Clinton won more pledged delegates than Barack Obama even when Florida and Michigan are excluded, were ignored as well.

So when I see Barack Obama try to own the economy issue, all I can think of is, It's the Clintons, stupid, past, present, and future, they own the economy issue, not Barack Obama.

Give it up Barack, just hand the nomination over to Hillary Clinton and ride gunshot for the next 8 years as VP, and then run for president. You could do more healing in one day now, than all the bandaging that lay ahead no matter what the outcome is if you remain the democratic presidential nominee.


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You are soooooooooooo desprate and hatefull of yourself. Good luck and God help you.

Alessandro Machi said...

I think you've used that hateful line before, bot.