Thursday, September 4, 2008

Don't Forget, Don't Surrender Your Vote, the 2008 Caucus Contests Corrupted the concept of Fair Reflection in the Democratic Party.

It is possible that the democratic higher ups were trying to create a level playing field for the 2008 democratic race. It is also possible that the D.N.C. did not realize that the age difference between Barack Obama supporters and the Hillary Clinton supporters would rear its ugly head in the caucus contests.

Once the inaccurate results started flowing in from the caucus contests, no effort was made by the D.N.C. or the media to acknowledge that fair reflection DID NOT happen in the caucus contests. The lack of Fair Reflection in the Caucus contests was ultimately the PIVOTAL reason Barack Obama won the nomination.

The spin being put out by the media was that Hillary Clinton did not put up a fight in the caucus contests. Hmm, let me get this straight, lets have a competition between the under 35 crowd with the over 45 crowd. The competitors on one side will use modern day technological devices that run the full gamut from IPods and Black Berrys to text messaging, along with raging hormones that will make the caucus the ultimate in social flirting. Let's pit this young group against older people that have already studied and researched their decision, basing it on 30 years of political history and knowledge, and who just want a full day to pick the time when they can go into voting booth and vote in private.

The democratic caucus contests destroyed Fair Reflection in 2008. The abomination of fair reflection in the caucus contests needs to be used as a political billy club to dethrone Howard Dean, Donna Brazille, Nancy Pelosi, Harry Reid, Barack Obama AND HIS TEAM from the democratic party.

When the wildly inaccurate caucus results came in, the media began hyping Barack Obama's "winning streak". No accompanying announcement that well under a million voters spread throughout 6 caucus states had helped create a Barack Obama "winning streak" of 10 or 11 victories. The media focused completely on the winning streak and ignored the tens of millions of PRIMARY VOTERS who had already demonstrated the race was too close to call.

Nor did any of the media or the D.N.C. mention that polls taken just before the caucus contests were revealing that Hillary Clinton was either tied, or leading Barack Obama by as much as 7 points in MANY of the caucus contests that Hillary Clinton would lose by a 2-1 margin.

However, both the media and the D.N.C. were quick to remind us all that all the candidates had agreed that Florida and Michigan DID NOT COUNT. Funny how that works, wildly inaccurate caucus results DO COUNT, but Florida and Michigan DO NOT COUNT. The contests that favored Barack Obama counted, the ones that favored Hillary Clinton, did not.

Right on the heels of the caucus contest debacle, the media stepped in and stepped on the 2008 democratic race and began calling for Hillary Clinton to resign. The Barack Obama caucus contest victory turds were being polished over and over by the media and Barack Obama's team so that they would look like a pearl on Barack Obama's neck, and an albatross around Hillary Clinton's.

The damage was done, and what was once a 100 super delegate lead for Hillary Clinton was also stomped on by the media. Dan Abrams of MSNBC, and Donna Brazille demanded that the super delegates should not change the will of the pledged delegates, but which pledged delegates? Should the pledged delegates from the caucus contests that clearly destroyed the tenet of Fair Reflection matter more than the super delegates whose job it was to ensure a logical and responsible outcome to a close race? The answer from the media and the D.N.C. was a resounding yes, and that was the moment the D.N.C. lost me.
The idea that cheating, double voting, notebook paper ballots were supposed to matter more than carefully screened super delegates was a slap in the face to the entire democratic process.

Of course, once those super delegates switched to Barack Obama (and many were PAID $10.000 dollars TWICE to do so), suddenly the Barack Obama side had no problems with super delegates and how they voted.

Did anyone stop to consider that Hillary Clinton WON the pledged delegate race from ALL the primaries, even when Florida and Michigan were not counted! The media did not question why it was acceptable for more and more super delegates to flock to Barack Obama even as Barack Obama was losing the popular vote and the pledge delegate vote results over the final 10 weeks of the campaign! In fact, the media and the D.N.C. elite DEMANDED these super delegates flock to Barack Obama.

Even though Howard Dean actually stated that whichever candidate did better over the final 10 weeks would be the nominee, once again we saw how little words mattered from the D.N.C. whenever those words would favor Hillary Clinton.

So now we have entered a new phase, one in which many, and I mean many liberal pundits sound dumber and denser to me then at anytime that I can ever recall. Every spineless knee jerk attack against Sarah Palin just reminds me that these liberal "pundits" have a minimal conscience at best.

Michael Moore asks to have his name kept out of the Republican convention, yet it was Mr. Moore who butted into the middle of the 2008 democratic race with some rather idiotic and misinformed comments that made me wonder if someone had offered Michael Moore an "incentive" to stick his nose where it did not belong, the middle of a very close democratic race.

The list of liberal pundits who were bought off or simply could not shut up and be neutral while the people voted is shockingly long.

Even after the Denver convention, a new wave of dumb liberal talk has emerged with Alan Colmes perhaps having made the daffiest of all comments when Mr. Colmes basically stated that Sarah Palin caused her own down syndrome baby. But then when Colmes quickly took the column off of the internet, he blamed it on the "disgusting comments" that republicans were making in response to his idiotic column. Pinhead liberal pundits and politicians that were not man enough to admit they were bought is how I will remember the 2008 democratic race.

As a lifelong democrat, I never thought I would have to borrow clothing from my Republican brothers and sisters, until now. If I take the Republican label off in the future, it will only be because those that ran the D.N.C. amok in 2008 by blindly supporting Barack Obama, have been swept up and away by the force and sheer volume of their own hot air, perhaps also know as the real cause of global warming.

I found this link AFTER I had written my column above, see the unity of protest among totally different writers, one on the west coast, the other on the east coast.


Anonymous said...

It's a conspiracy! Yeah, I'm sorry, but the overwhelming legitimacy of Obama's victory over Hillary stifles these wingnut claims of Clinton being "robbed" of the nomination. Why can it not be accepted that she lost a legitimate contest? This was, as you know, a delegates race. And the argument for discounting FL and MI was much, much stronger than for counting it (esp. when Obama wasn't even on the ballot for one of them - yeah, that's fair). I would've rather seen another runoff primary in both states, with both names on the ballot, but at that point it was too late, and it wouldn't have made a difference anyway. Without those states, Obama still won.

Time to move on and focus on your personal principles instead of a blind loyalty to the Clintons. That, or I should wish you to "have fun" on the way to the voting booth for your spite-vote to McCain. Smart.

Alessandro Machi said...

ahem, Hillary Clinton won MORE DELEGATES than Barack Obama in ALL OF THE PRIMARY CONTESTS even when Florida and Michigan are NOT counted.

The will of over 30 million voters was overridden by the dishonesty and misrepresentation of 1.1 million caucus voters and the wildly inaccurate vote totals they represent.