Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Muzzling Keith Olbermann, Somebody had to do it, Is Hillary Clinton (and yours truly) responsible?

Basically, my point was MSNBC has been committing ongoing political news fraud by reporting their own opinion, as fact. Twelve days later and suddenly Keith Olbermann has a big old CAMPAIGN COMMENT in the lower left (figures) hand corner of the screen.

FINALLY! This is a MAJOR, MAJOR DEAL. Superimposing the word opinion, or commentary, on the television screen mutes the impact of the words being spoken. People generally assume Newscasters are always dealing with facts. It is imperative that the viewer be reminded when the newscaster is speaking an opinion and not a fact. This is a major big deal and one that MSNBC will never cop to. MSNBC, BUSTED.

If you continue to see OBVIOUS OPINION, OR CONJECTURE, being reported as fact or inevitability by MSNBC, REPORT THEM TO THE FCC. LINK TO FCC TO REPORT CABLE NEWS ABUSE.

Just follow the directions. Lets be better than others and not waste the FCC's time the way ACORN wastes government resources. ACORN claims it is harmless to tie up government time and resources on ACORN generated voter fraud, so lets just stick with valid complaints, and that is quite easy to do when it comes to MSNBC.

An example of an FCC violation would be MSNBC reporting that it is becoming impossible for John McCain to win in a state. Just 2 minutes ago MSNBC said that Barack Obama was "gonna win" in a certain state. Sorry guys, that is OPINION, and unless there is a caption within the image being broadcast that states the comment IS OPINION, or COMMENTARY, MSNBC is quite possibly committing FRAUD. (Do you see how I added "quite possibly" to my statement. I did that because I may be right, or the FCC may disagree, but it is a VALID CONCERN that needs to be brought up.)

For additional specific examples of possible FCC abuses by MSNBC, click on this link that goes to my Fair Reflection blog and the article, Is MSNBC Opinion Generated News, News you can Trust?

If you want to see the original complaint topic that was started on Hillary Clinton, Click on the image below to make it bigger, or click on the link below the image to go directly to the topic, then scroll up to the beginning of the topic.


Anonymous said...

I'm sure your 40,000 complaints to the FCC had a HUGE impact. It probably had nothing at all to do with a decision to highlight that portion of the show, much like they do when Olbermann runs a "Special Comment," with a logo at the bottom of the screen. Nope, nothing at all.

Since you detest opinion being passed off as fact, how many complaints have you filed against FOX News? Oh, that's right, the PUMAs love FOX, along with Limbaugh (joked Chelsea was the White House dog), and Corsi (referred to Hillary as a "fat hog"). Had they been Obama supporters, posters at would be crying "sexism."

Speaking of which, since the mods are cowards and won't allow new users to register, would you mind telling others that they really lose a bit of their sexism argument when they say stuff that's just as vile against Michelle Obama and any female reporter who doesn't bow down to Sarah Palin?

Alessandro Machi said...

I have added several examples of the type of opinion as fact content that I am concerned about on my fair reflection blog. (you probably will have to cut and paste the link form here).

"Is MSNBC Opinion Generated News, News you can use?"

I really believe that MSNBC crosses this line much more than any other station, but thanks for your feedback.


I'll probably just add the link to the article to make it easier.

Anonymous said...

Barack Cheated? What a joke... your are a joke and your blog is a joke. Big ideas for Starbucks, Target and Subway? Im sure since you "outed" Keith (Who by the way has ALWAYS been opinionated, you are not shedding light on anything new) they will be knocking on your door any minute now...

SmartAssProducts said...

It's good to see OPINION being called what it is, OPINION. Too bad MSNBC didn't have the sense to do this a long time ago!

Anonymous said...

...that part of his show when he would talk on his own for 10 minutes or so was ALWAYS called "special comment". Ever since the campaign has heated up he has been doing them almost every night and calling them "campaign comment". in other words... you had nothing to do with this. welcome to reality.

vote obama.

Alessandro Machi said...

Olbermann clearly didn't do it all the time, look at the YouTube video on the right, there are several clips with NO special comment.

It's kind of like you are bragging about how ruthless MSNBC is for spinning opinion into fact. They are spinning so much now it has reached an obscene level.

Anonymous said...

5 simple steps

1. go to youtube
2. type "olbermann special comment"
3. see tons of videos with "special comment" on the screen
4. realize many of these are from way before you made a post on a forum that noone cares about
5. vote obama

Alessandro Machi said...

I'd rather look at the video on the right where Olberman looks into the camera and DENIES ever saying that Hillary Clinton should get out of the campaign, and then they show a couple of clips of Olberman demanding Hillary Clinton get out of the race.

lol, and those are just the ones that were found, there's actually at least one more.

Olbermann's whole show is opinion, and people are sending in their complaints into the FCC. I've identified what to look for and I give four examples of MSNBC violations of the FCC on my Fair Reflection blog.

If I had the resources I would have these MSNBC doofusses sued, for a lot of money, for reporting opinion as news, what horrible role models these clowns are for our youth.

Anonymous said... has the same percentage influence on the national media as it does fair and balanced forum members. You guessed it - zilch.

That forum is a closed club of utterly bitter supporters of the vanquished Hillary - so bitter that they discard their own belief systems with respect to issues and veer to the extreme right to embrace John McCain. Misguidedly, they believe this will somehow "punish" the DNC. They talk about Obama supporters "drinking the Kool-Aid", and yet - with respect to anything pro-McCain, anti-DNC and especially pro-Hillary - they do the very same thing, in far greater measures than you can possibly imagine.

Worse still, there isn't a more intolerant message board on the internet. The only way one can remain a member (and I should know, I've tried twice now) is to be 1) ardently pro-Hillary, 2) fervently anti-Obama and 3) zealously pro-McCain. Amusingly, being just two out of three isn't good enough (I tried that), as you will be banned. It doesn't matter if you are respectful, thoughtful and gracious in your comments ... if you fail to practice idolatry toward Hillary and McCain and lack contempt for Obama, you [I]will[/I] be banned. unparalleled in its effort to promote singular, like-minded "thought purity". The good news is that their essential purpose will disappear on November 4th when Obama is elected 44th president of the United States. I'll be visiting that site several times afterword to revel in the implosion of the lemmings.

Anonymous said...

In the video you are talking about SPECIAL COMMENT IS ON THE SCREEN. Look at the 1:15 mark. "special comment" or "campaign comment" -- it is a portion at the end of some of his shows. Obviously your recent FCC complaints had nothing to do with this since it has been a part of his show for YEARS.

Alessandro Machi said...

I know that, the clips were put together from different shows. The other clips from other nights DO NOT have Special comments on them. You know, the clips where Keith Olbermann looks into the camera and LIES about Hillary Clinton.

Practically the entire Olbermann show is not only an opinion, but it is a pre-determined opinion with a preset agenda that masquerades as news.

His attacks against Hillary Clinton were legendarily stupid. The one against both Geraldine Ferraro and Hillary Clinton is one of the all time dumbest rants ever shown on television.

That whole rant was easily debunked and I did so several months ago.

Alessandro Machi said...

I should add one more thing, in the very first sentence of this article I state that "it" should have happened 10 months ago. (the campaign comment graphic)

All those months with the "special comments" caption is really not acceptable, all along it should have said, campaign comments, AND, it should say it through out much more of the show. There should also be a disclaimer on each show that states that the OPINIONS of Keith Olbermann do not necessarily reflect the view of the station. Keith Olbermann regularly states his political opinion as if it is a fact, it is truly disgusting to witness.